Make your marketing team agile or die

Talk by Sean Ellis, Founder & CEO of GrowthHackers during WMD 2016

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Make your marketing team agile or die by Mind Map: Make your marketing team agile or die

1. Sean Ellis, Founder/CEO of GrowthHackers

1.1. @SeanEllis


2. The growth team

2.1. Very agile

2.2. Growth should be a company wide effort

2.3. Cross functional

2.4. Keeping the team on the same page

2.4.1. Team can't keep up with changing objectives

2.4.2. Effort gets wasted as team is out of sync

2.4.3. The leader too busy managing vs. finding leverage

3. Manage the process in a weekly meeting

3.1. Kepps everyone in the same direction

3.2. Define high leverage objectives

3.3. Progress against specific objectives & overall KPIs

3.4. Execute growth process

3.5. Avoid brainstorming

4. The Growth Model

4.1. Acquisition

4.1.1. Sources and motivation to try

4.2. Activation

4.2.1. Aha moment

4.3. Retention

4.3.1. Must have experience

4.4. Referral

4.4.1. User-get-user loops

5. The growth process

5.1. Focus testing on right objectives

5.1.1. Define key objectives (14 - 45 days)

5.1.2. Identify primary metric Baseline metric Goal for the metric (absolute and percentage)

5.2. Run many experiments, eg. at GrowthHackers they run 3 / week

5.3. Generate ideas based on objectives

5.4. Organise ideas as experiment document

5.4.1. Include hypothesis, research, target lever

5.5. Launch tests

5.6. Analyse & organise results

5.7. Repeat process

6. Full presentation slides