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My Lifestyle by Mind Map: My Lifestyle

1. Well-being

1.1. My Strengths

1.1.1. Wellbeing Index- 92.9

1.1.2. "Generally happy and satisfied with life" I believe that a big part of this is my faith. Due to research having a faith, whatever it may be, has a positive effect on mental health.

1.2. My weaknesses

1.2.1. I occasionally get stressed or anxious about school work, assignments, parents work, friends- relationships. This would have a negative effect on my wellbeing.

1.3. Sleep, Activity and Nutrition together contribute significantly to an overall sense of wellbeing.

2. Activity

2.1. My strengths

2.1.1. I have the health of an under 20 yr old - fitness level good for my age and gender.

2.1.2. Generally active for 30 minutes everyday.

2.1.3. I have been successful in dancing competitively. This has increased my motivation to train more regularly.

2.2. My weaknesses

2.2.1. Sometimes there are barriers to being fit. Occasionally there can be issues for me such as: a lack of resources-such as the access to facilities, Injury, motivation and how I am feeling- tired, unwell, stressed, weather, time-fitting around assignments,school work and extracurriculars. On occasions barriers can also include commitments- my family and friends (a social aspect), technology, and just my general enjoyment of getting out and getting active- if I don't enjoy it, I won't want to do it. One thing to add on the point of injury that I should take into thought is that if I were to be injured activities can be modified so I can still get active.

3. Nutrition

3.1. My strengths

3.1.1. I have a balanced diet- variety of food.

3.1.2. I drink a lot of water- I have 2 water bottles at school.

3.1.3. Don't eat fast food often/at all.

3.1.4. Food at home is made from fresh products- less packet products. Aiming to eat closer to the source.

3.2. My weaknesses

3.2.1. I sometimes have barriers to my nutrition. Most often these barriers are: being overactive- I often have many things on and very little time to eat. This leads to me eating less, eating poorly- bad, quick food choices, not eating at all.

4. Sleep

4.1. My Strengths

4.1.1. Once I am asleep I generally sleep soundly and don't stir - this means I can still get a good nights sleep usually.

4.2. My weaknesses

4.2.1. I often have less than the recommended amount of sleep per night for teens (recommended 9 hours). This is due to: extracurricular programmes, levels of homework, busy lifestyle, pressure to do well in school (from myself), early school starts, teen biology and physiology. It is also on occasions due to technology and the constant fear of missing out with friends. Stress is often a big part of all of these as well. I have noticed that all of these aspects can in someway fit under stress. My sleep could also be affected sometimes by: Diet, being overtired, books and being sick or having a injury. This affects my: -Learning and memory Emotional and mental health Behavior and lifestyle Body Systems