Samenstelling Dell laoptop

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Samenstelling Dell laoptop by Mind Map: Samenstelling Dell laoptop

1. Call 800 Dell's Number u will be connected to sales representative Mujteb Naqvi  ho will enter your order into Dell's Order management system he.s going to type in both the notebook u order and the special features along with your personal information,billing adress, shipping adress and credit card information

1.1. credit card verified by dell trough it's work flow connection with visa

1.2. order released to dell's production system

1.3. order went out by e-mail to the notebook factory in malaysia where the parts for the computer are ordered from thevsupplier logistics centerv(SLCs)

2. Dell use multiple suppliers for the most thirty key components that go into its notebppks that way if one suppliers breaksdown or cannot meet surge on demand, Dell is not left in lurch

2.1. the intell microprocessor came from intel factory either in the phillipines, costa rica,malaysia, or china

2.1.1. the memory came from a korean owned factory in Taiwan (Nanya), a german owned factory in germany (Infineon) or a Japenese owned company in Japan (Elpida)

2.2. Graphic Card was shipped from either a Taiwanese owned factory in China (MSI) or a chinese run factory in China (Foxconn)

2.2.1. Motherboard came from either a Korean owned factory in Shangai (Samsung) a Taiwanese owned factory in Shangai (Quanta) or Taiwanese owned factory ( Compal or Wistron)

2.3. the keyboard came from eother a japenese owned company in Taijin, China (Alps), a Taiwanese owned factory in Shenzen China (Shunrex) or a Taiwanese owned factory in Shuzou, China (Darfon)

2.3.1. The battery came from an American owned factory in malaysia (Motorola) a japenese owned factory in Mexico or Malaysia or China (Sanyo) Or South Korean or Taiwanese factory in either of those two countries (Sdi or Simplo)

2.4. the wirless card came from either an American owned Company in China (Agere) or Malaysia (Arrow or a Taiwanese owned factory on China (USI)

2.4.1. The Modem was made by either a Taiwanese owned in China (Asustek or Liteon) or a chinese run company in China (Foxconn)

2.5. The hard Disk drive was made by an American owned facfory in Singapore (Seagate), a Japanese owned Company in Thailand (Hitachi or Fujitsu), or Japanese owned factory  in the Phillipines (Samsung); a japanese owned factory in China or malaysia (Nec); a japanese owned factory in China (Sony)

2.5.1. The note Book Carrying Bag was made either by an Irish owned company in China (Tenba) or an American owned company in Chinan(Targus, Samsonite, or pacific design)

2.6. the power adapter was made by either a Thai owned company in Thailand (Delta) or a Taiwanese, Korean, or American Owned factory in China (Liteon, Samsung, or mobility)

2.6.1. The power corde was made by a British owned company  with factories in Chine, Malaysia and India (Volex) the remoableèstick was made made by either a Israel owned company in Israel (M-Systeme) or an American owned company with a factory in Malaysia (Smart Modular)

3. This supply chain Symphony-from an order over the phone to production to delivery to your house is one of the wonders of the flat world

4. The computer is was assembled by A. Sathini a Team member who manually Screwed together all of the parts from kitting  as well as the labels needed for Tom Systems

4.1. The system was then sent to down the conveyor to go to burn , where Tom's specified software was downloaded

4.2. Dell has huge server banks stocked with the latest in Microsoft, Norton utulities and other popular software applications  which are downloaded into each new computer according to the spcififcs tastesbofnthe costumer

4.3. is then moved manually to the the boxing line to be placed in a protective foam ans shuttle box with a label witch contains the order number, tracking code, systeme type  and shipping Code

5. when the system leaves the Dell factory it heads to Penang, Malaysia Airport

5.1. six days a week Dell chartes a China Airlines 747 out of Taiwan and flies ot from Penang to Nashville via Taipei

5.1.1. each 747 leaves with 110,000kg and its the only 747 that ever lands in Nashville

5.2. when the system arrives at nashville it is inserted intoèa larger box, which went down the boxing line to the specific external parts that tom ordered

5.2.1. had there been no delay in Malaysia when the order arrived the time between the phone call purchase en the assemblage of the notebook would have been of four days,

5.3. the totally supply chain for an computer including suppliers of suppliers involved about four hundred companies in North America, Europ and primarly Asia, but with 30 key players