Social Studies

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Social Studies by Mind Map: Social Studies

1. Lessons

1.1. Regions

1.1.1. The United States Studying all 50 states Physical regions Brief History

1.1.2. Europe Studying 30 of the 40 countries Physical regions History Greeks and Romans Christianity & religions

1.2. Geography

1.2.1. Lines of latitude and longitude

1.2.2. North/East/South/West

2. Projects

2.1. International Day Project

2.1.1. Select a country and do a full research on it

2.1.2. Create a booth

2.2. Superhero project

2.2.1. Create a superhero that helps the community

3. Important class discussions

3.1. Famine

3.2. the UN

3.3. World news

3.4. Global Warming

3.4.1. An Inconvenient Truth

4. Teacher: Mr. Hart