Russia's Nuclear Arsenal

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Russia's Nuclear Arsenal by Mind Map: Russia's Nuclear Arsenal

1. How Do We Support Our Views? The United States reasons for making the decision to drop the atomic bombs in Japan were unjustified mostly because evidence proves that "The consensus among scholars is that the bomb was not needed to avoid an invasion of Japan and to end the war within a relatively short time. It is clear that alternatives to the bomb existed and that Truman and his advisers knew it.. .It is certain that the hoary claim that the bomb prevented one-half million American combat deaths is unsupportable." This was stated by J. Samuel Walker who wrote a policy journal on Diplomatic History. This implies that the US dropping the bomb did have ulterior motives, such as intimidating Russia. As well as the Cuban Missile Crisis (which we take as a threat) October 28, 1959. Turkey and the United States agree to deploy fifteen nuclear-tipped Jupiter missiles in Turkey starting on June 1, 1961. In order to threaten Russia Therefore, Russia needed to protect themselves and is why we have nuclear weapons. On this day in 1962, President John F. Kennedy announces to the American people that he has ordered a blockade of Cuba in response to the discovery that Soviet missiles were being installed on the island.

2. Russia's Position on Nuclear Arms

2.1. The only use of atomic weapons in a military capacity occurred in 1945, when the United States dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan. While their main motivation for doing this was to end their conflict with Japan, and prevent further American casualties, recent evidence has come to light suggesting that another possible motivation the United States had for doing this was to intimidate Russia, to show Russia they had this kind of technology and were willing to use it if they needed. It is also believed that the US may have dropped the atomic bombs in order to warn Russia that in the postwar world, Russia would need to be willing to comply with whatever the US asked. The Soviet nuclear program began  during WWII. During WWII, Russia and the United States were the two most influential countries, holding the most power over the fate of basically the entire world. When Russia realised that the US had succeeded in building this new, extremely powerful technology, they felt pressure to do the same, in order to secure their status as the most powerful and influential country in the world. This started the nuclear arms race, as both were competing to be the most powerful and have the best technology. The United States and Russia were two very different countries, with completely opposing ideologies. The United States was a democratic country, that believed in Free Trade, whereas Russia was a communist country, believing everyone should be equal. Once both countries developed nuclear arms, they began to fear each other and the destruction the weapons they had each created could cause. This was the cause of the Cold War, which left citizens of both countries living with the imminent threat of being bombed by the opposing country.

3. Evidence to Support Our position

4. The Impact

4.1. Impact: Because Russia has so many nuclear weapons, this encourages the United States of America to also have many nuclear weapons. This has an impact on the American economy because a lot of the money that the United States spends on nuclear arsenal could be spent on other things such as boosting the economy or expanding on world trade. Everybody knows that Russia is a powerful country and Russia has over 7,300 warheads which is terrifying. This gives all other countries the scare and Russia the dominance. Another major impact that Russia’s nuclear arsenal would have if it were to be used would be the amount of mass destruction that it would do. Also, radioactive waves and energy would play into this and diseases would spread faster than ever. Although, the biggest impact that Russia would have to deal with if it used their nuclear weapons would be the amount that they would spend in boosting their economy again. Russia has come a long way and it would be such a shame if they would have to start all over. However, Russia having nuclear weaponry's biggest problem is

5. General Information

6. Evidence