Nouns and Adjectives

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Nouns and Adjectives by Mind Map: Nouns and Adjectives

1. Major types of nouns

1.1. We can have One place nouns, relational nouns

2. One place Nouns

2.1. The are primarily used as the head of referring NP that function

2.2. Example : The dog managed to open the door

2.2.1. Explanation: Noun dog is the referent of the subject

3. Relational Nouns

3.1. Some nouns constitute twoo place predicate terms

3.2. Example : My uncle is going to marry Molly's sister

3.3. There are many more relational nouns: like to friend , rival, boss

4. Major types of adjectives

4.1. One place adjective

4.1.1. Most adjectives are one place predicate terms

4.1.2. Adjectives are used in twoo ways : In attributive and Predicative Attributive Use the adjective within and NP precedes the head noun such as: dubious company , ared ballon Predicative The adjective is combined with the so called copula verb be

4.2. Two- Place Adjective

4.2.1. Some adjectives like other than different from similar to, fond of, satisfied with have a secon argument Example : My uncle is very fond of Molly's sister

4.2.2. Especial Case One place adjective in the comparative form First Argument Second Argument