Absolute Monarchs (1450-1750)

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Absolute Monarchs (1450-1750) by Mind Map: Absolute Monarchs (1450-1750)

1. England

1.1. followed the rule of Elizabeth I

1.2. James I and his son Charles I created unfair laws and created conflict with Parliament

1.3. religious conflicts also emerged between the Anglicans and the Protestants

1.4. revolution led to a stronger Parliament

2. France

2.1. initiated by the rule of Henry IV in 1589

2.2. child leaders, Louis XIII (1610-1643) and Louis XIV were aided by cardinals

2.3. absolutism helped them tame French nobility and restore the economy

2.4. increased France's wealth and power

3. Spanish Empire

3.1. Charles V and his son Philip favored Catholicism over Protestantism

3.2. used religious divide to have control over the people

3.3. Phillip II told the people that he was given divine right

3.4. Phillip II used power to enforce religious unity against Protestants