Accommodations For Students

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Accommodations For Students by Mind Map: Accommodations For Students

1. ELL Studnets

1.1. Use pictures

1.2. Use key words

1.3. Peer buddies

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2. Reading Problems

2.1. clarified or simplified directions

2.2. shortened or altered assignments

2.3. use outlines

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3. Early Master Learners

3.1. independent projects

3.2. learning centers

3.3. encourage creative expression

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4. Writing Problems

4.1. use wide lined paper

4.2. highlight key words

4.3. tape paper to the desk

5. Behavior Problems

5.1. use non-verbal cues to keep student on task

5.2. develop and implement a behavior intervention plan

5.3. seat the student within close proximity to the teacher's desk

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