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compensation by Mind Map: compensation

1. financial

1.1. direct

1.1.1. the job job evaluation ranking method classification method job pircing pay grade pay ranges adjusting pirates broad banding single-rate system

1.1.2. labor market compensation survey expediency cost of living labor union economy legislation

1.1.3. organization compensation policies pay leaders market rate pay followers short-term incentives or bonuses organizational level ability to pay

1.1.4. employees job performance political potential organization membership

1.2. executive compensation

1.2.1. base salary

1.2.2. long-term incentives or capital appreciation

1.2.3. executive benefit

1.3. indirect

1.3.1. legally required benefits

1.3.2. discreationary benefit

1.3.3. voluntary benefit

1.3.4. premium pay

1.4. equity in financial compensation

1.4.1. external

1.4.2. internal

1.4.3. employee

1.4.4. team

2. nonfinancial

2.1. the job

2.2. job environment