The Components of the System Unit

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The Components of the System Unit by Mind Map: The Components of the System Unit

1. Objectives Overview

2. The System Unit

2.1. The system unit is a case that contains

2.2. The inside of the system unit on a desktop

2.3. The motherboard

3. Processor

3.1. The processor,also called the central processing unit [CPU]

3.2. The motherboard

3.3. The control unit

3.4. The arithmetic logic unit [ALU]

3.5. For every instruction

3.6. Most current personal computer support pipelining

3.7. The leading

3.8. Determine how you plan to use

4. Data Representation

4.1. Analog signals are continuous and vary in strength and quality

4.2. Digital signals are in one of two states : on or off

5. Memory

5.1. Access time

5.2. Flash memory

5.3. Read-only memory[ROM]

5.4. A PROM

5.5. Memory cache

6. Expansion Slots and Adapter Cards

6.1. With Plug and Play,the computer automatically can configure

6.2. Removable flash memory includes

6.2.1. Memory cards

7. Ports and Connectors

7.1. A port replicator is an external device that provides connections to peripherals through ports built into the device

7.2. A docking station is an external device that attaches to a mobile computer or device

7.3. A Bluetooth wireless port

7.4. A smart phone might

7.5. Other types of ports include

7.5.1. Firewire port

7.5.2. Bluetooth port

7.5.3. SCSI port

7.5.4. eSATA port

7.5.5. IrDA port

7.5.6. Serial port

7.5.7. MIDI port

7.6. A USB port can connect op to 127 different

7.7. On a notebook computer,the ports are on the back,front,and/or sidrs

7.8. A port is the point at which a peripheral

7.9. A connectoa joins a cable to a port

8. Buses

8.1. A bus

8.1.1. Data bus

8.1.2. Adderss bus

8.2. Word size

8.3. Expansion slots connect to expansion buses

8.4. Common types of expansion buses include

8.4.1. PCI bus

8.4.2. PCI Express bus

8.4.3. Accelrated Graphics Port

8.4.4. USB and FireWire bus

8.4.5. PC Card bus

9. Bays

9.1. A drive day typically holds disk drives

10. Power Supply

10.1. The power supply converts the wall outlet AC power into DC power

10.2. Some external peripherals have an AC adapter,which is an external power supply

11. Putting lt All Together

11.1. Home

11.2. Small Office/Home Office

11.3. Mobile

11.4. Power

11.5. Enterprise

12. Keeping Your Computer or Mobile Device Clean

12.1. Clean your computer or mobile device once or twice a year

12.2. Turn off and unplug your computer or mobile device before cleaning it

12.3. Use compressed air to blow away dust

12.4. Use an antistatic wipe to clean the exterior of the case and a cleaning solution and soft cloth to clean the screen

13. Video

13.1. The Leopard with a Time Machine

14. Summary

14.1. Components of the system unit

14.2. How memory stores data,instructions,and information

14.3. Sequence of operations that occur when a computer executes an instruction

14.4. Comparison of various personal computer processors on the market today

14.5. How to clean the exterior and interior of a system unit