Defeating a Stadium in Chinatown

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Defeating a Stadium in Chinatown by Mind Map: Defeating a Stadium in Chinatown

1. Media let the community know how their opposition was being perceived outside of the community

2. Gain respect within community

3. Residents of the chinese community win their battle with the mayor and the ballpark is built elsewhere in the city

4. National chinese newspapers set the agenda for the community newspapers

5. Use both mainstream and chinese language media to get the message out

5.1. Using the chinese language media to reach out to the immigrant community

5.1.1. serves as a link between immigrants in Philadelphia and their past roots

6. Media was able to keep the community up to date on the threat and progress of the stadium proposal.

7. Community had a very different vision for the neighborhood than the mayor

8. Chinese community came together against the mayor on the stadium proposal

8.1. Chinese become politacally active in Philadelphia

9. The chinese exploited the media to get their message out.

10. Community rallied around the threat to their neighborhood and the ability to expand it in the future.

11. Chinese media becomes driving force in debate over location of a new baseball stadium in Philadelphia