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Todo: Summer '08 by Mind Map: Todo: Summer
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Todo: Summer '08


Also: Deferment, mission timeline, letters of Rec, suicide, etc

Apply to

(35%/12%) The University of Chicago (#9), 12% transfer

(41%/17%) Macalester College, transfer rate is 17%

(24%/8%) Johns Hopkins University (#14), transfer rate 8.%

Kenyon College, 85% out of state, 29% admitted, 1,600 students, most GPAs higher, my scores above or in range, pros:, great academics, close relationships w/ profs -- "first name basis", honor-code-run meal plan (take only what you can eat), cons:, isolated location -> "hardcore partying," drugs/alcohol, ohio weather is crazy, seems like it might be populated with 'apathetic dems who drink, smoke, and write poetry' -- icky artistic types, maybe a little clique-ey, maybe too isolated...

(50%/34%) Grinnell College, 1600 students, 88% out of state, 50% applicants admitted!!!!!! (34% transfers), GPA not reported, SAT and ACT spot-on, Pros, great academic rep, great dorms, easy in for research, intellectualism!, NOT isolated, even though it's in the middle of Iowa -- lots of guest speakers, events, etc.\, pretty campus?, tight-knit community, "I can literally go weeks without taking cash from an ATM", nonalcoholic/substance free events hosted, good study abroad, Cons, cabin fever in the winter!?, big rumor mill?

(30%/13%) Carleton College, 13% transfers admitted

(37%/32%) Oberlin College (OH), intellectually engaging coursework, quirky academic-type students, engenders strong sense of justice, promotes proactive behaviour in the community, you would probably just die of happiness on the spot if you got in

Muhlenberg (PA), Seems like a good, solid safety, Relationships with professors are very close, Kinda isolated, but there's a shuttle system, Allentown, PA, rigorous-ish coursework?


Columbia U (#9), 11% admitted

Cornell U (#12), 21% admitted, 13,500 undergrads, 65% out of state, scores: you're screwed

Brown U (#14), 14% admitted

Georgetown University (#23), 99% out-of-state, 21% admitted, 7,000 students, scores: pretty evenly matched, my math is at the low end though

Boston College (#35), SATs competitive, on track or above, ACTs competitive, above, GPA not reported

Case Western (#41)

American University Washington, DC (#85), 20% with my GPA range, within or above SAT range, ACT 25 - 30 :\, 53% admitted

St. Mary's, 15% out of state

Claremont McKenna, 18% applicants admitted, 1100 students, 51% out of state, GPA not reported, SATs: barely above writing, lower end of math

Swarthmore College, 1500 students, 18% admitted, 85% out of state, Scores competitive, GPA not reported

Colgate University, 2800 students, 26% admitted, 73% out-of-state, 21% with my GPA range (3.25 - 2.5), SATs in or above, ACT 1 above

Haverford, 25% admitted, 1200 students, 88% out of state, SATs in range, no ACT

BYU Hawaii

BYU Idaho

Pomona College, 16% admitted, 67% out of state, 1500 students, Scores: impressive

Pepperdine University (#54), 35% admitted, 3400 students, 48% out of state, most have higher GPAs, GPAs dip into mid-500s, ACT 24-29

George Washington U (#54), 37% admitted, 10,000 students, 99% out of state, scores: above except math, which is upper end

Baylor University (#75), 79% out of state, 12,000 students, SATs approx 550 - 660, ACT 23 - 28


Chapman University, Eh, stupid people., 9% of students with 700+ verbal SAT, ACT 25-29

DePaul U, 63% admitted, 30% out of state, 15,000 students, 18% with my GPA range (44% above), Scores: you're way over

(31%/26%) Oberlin College, 31% admitted, 2,700 students, most have higher GPAs, 91% out of state, SATs fit, ACT comp is above

Occidental College, 44% admitted, 1800 students, 62% out of state, GPA spot-on, SAT ranges dipping into the 500s..., ACT 26-30, Nora: only private school actually in LA? in a suburb called Eagle Rock. The suburb stunk.

Reed College, 93% out-of-state, 1500 students, 34% admitted, Scores close, but GPAs massively better

Tufts University, 28% admitted, 5,000 students, 77% out of state, scores competitive, gpa not reported

Vanderbilt University, 84% out of state, 33% admitted, 6500 students, SATs and ACTs about right, 16% with my gpa range

Vassar College, 75% out-of-state, 29% admitted, 15% with my GPA, "Students always talk about academics", low diversity, pretty campus, easy social life (making friends, etc), NO COMPETITION, small school, few parties, overall: small, close-knit environment; isolated, sciences: tight, collegial atmos.; one-on-one, uncompetitive... smart, etc., not v. political, insulated, sex-oriented?, LOTS of drugs

Bennington, 66% admit rate, academic rating 97, only 528 students -- TOO SMALL!

Colby College, About 2000 students, 10:1 student:faculty, 83% white.. eh, not happy, look into it more

Northwestern U

Common App info

Letters of Rec


notes, get out of california, ucsb a vital, important step in my personal development and academic career... but one which has now fulfilled its purpose, A happier student is more productive, more willing to challenge his own beliefs, etc, Want classes taught by professors, not GSIs... better profs, too., Something missing from my education here... a need that UCSB is not fulfilling.

Nora's Applying to

URocheseter S

Oberlin S

Emory M

WashU at Saint Louis R




Georgetown R

Brown R

Carleton M


UChicago M


Ulysses by James Joyce

Ulysses is a novel by James Joyce, first serialized in parts in the American journal The Little Review from March 1918 to December 1920, then published in its entirety by Sylvia Beach on February 2, 1922,...

Something French!

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

The Book Thief is a 2005 best-selling novel by Markus Zusak, and a finalist for the 2007 Michael L. Printz Award. It was on the New York Times Children's Best Seller list for over 21 weeks. The Book Thief...

College stuff

Cal Newport, How to Become a Straight-A Student, How to Win in College

Transfer books, Essay-writing, Where/how

Ironman by Chris Crutcher

Pat Barker


The Eye in the Door

Watchmen by Alan Moor et al

Eagle Scout stuff

Letters of Rec.

Reminded, Bro. P., Mark Martinez

Received, Dad, Mrs. Elliott

Habitat For Humanity

Meetings with Anita

Need one this week/early next week (week of jul 21)


Don't need to gather, excpet for food.



Flyers, Design, Print, Hand out


Talk it up




follow-up, attracted about 8 first time, attracted 24 second time!, Got gallo to donate... !!!




My Birthday


Dinner: Slanted Door

Lunch: Scoma's

Breakfast: at home!


Legion of Honor

de Young











For dad

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