Media Convergence

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Media Convergence by Mind Map: Media Convergence

1. Participatory Culture

1.1. Remix Culture

1.2. Technology

1.2.1. software and media outlets that allow creativity Photoshop, Tumblr, and YouTube

1.3. Cultural Artifact

1.3.1. An object or topic that has media relevance no matter its age and represents a portion of our or any culture Star Wars and Beyonce

1.4. Engaging

1.4.1. The physical act of engaging with media/cultural involvment Liking a post on Facebook, reblogging on Tumblr, liking a tweet, and commenting on a YouTube video.

2. Adapitibility

2.1. the ability to adapt to constant changes of media and the technology it utilizes

3. Generational

3.1. The gap in media usage and understanding throughout generations

3.1.1. Music Vinyl, radio, cassettes, CDs, Napster, limewire, Pandora, and Spotify.

4. Culture:

4.1. Addition of multiple languages into films and videos to broaden global interest.

4.1.1. Appropriative media: media culture that takes and remixes images, videos, or ideas to create something totally new

5. Corporate/Financial

5.1. Diversify products to draw in consumers

5.1.1. example: Apple products with global language inclusion everyday media:

6. Technology

6.1. Technology is universally accessible no matter the product label or operating system

6.1.1. example: smartphones- all have basic function just different operating system.