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Divorce by Mind Map: Divorce

1. Parents

1.1. Do you think divorce was good for you and your famliy?

1.2. Are you happy to be out of the relationship?

1.3. How do you think your children feel?

1.4. How are you feeling?

2. Children

2.1. How do they feel?

2.2. Do they think its their fault?

2.3. Do you feel responsible for them splitting up?

2.4. How are your relationships with your parents?

3. Feelings

3.1. Are you feeling depressed?

3.2. Do you ever think about harming yourself?

3.3. Are you happy about the split?

3.4. How do you manage your feelings?

4. Counslers

4.1. How do you help families go through divorce?

4.2. How do you tell them to manage their feelings?

4.3. Is there any advice that you think helps them through divorce?

4.4. Do you talk to the parents about their plan for their children/child?