University Of Georgia Athletic Department

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University Of Georgia Athletic Department by Mind Map: University Of Georgia Athletic Department

1. Jere W. Morehead (UGA President)

2. Greg McGarity (Director of Athletics)

3. David E.Shipley (Faculty Athletics Representative)

4. Carla Williams (Deputy Director of Athletics )

5. Josh Brooks (Executive Associate Athletic Director)

6. Ted White (Executive Associate Athletic Director)

7. Matt Borman (Executive Associate Athletic Director)

8. Ron Courson Senior Associate Athletic Director - Sports Medicine

9. Andy Platt (Senior Associate Athletic Director - CFO)

10. Glada Horvat (Senior Associate Athletic Director - Academics & Eligibility)

11. Matt Brachowski (Associate Athletic Director - Event Management)

12. Tim Cearley (Associate Athletic Director - Ticket Operations)

13. Stephanie Ransom (Associate Athletic Director - Business Operations)

14. Alan Thomas (Associate Athletic Director - External Operations)

15. Jim Booz (Executive Associate Athletic Director)

16. John Bateman (Assistant Athletic Director - Marketing)

17. Anna Randa (Assistant Athletic Director - Sports Medicine)

18. Emily Deitz (Assistant Athletic Director - Promotions )

19. Steve Flippen (Assistant Athletic Director - Compliance)

20. Assistant Athletic Director - Academics and Eligibility

21. Assistant Athletic Director - (Event Management )

22. Assistant Athletic Director - Facility Operations

23. Assistant Athletic Director - Development

24. Executive Director of Athletics Alumni Relations

25. Sharon Kelley Administrative Specialist II

26. Medical services, soccer, tennis, rowing, volleyball, golf

27. Medical Service, Football, Basketball, lacrosse

28. Sporting events, Promoting, social media, communication, and video services

29. Study Hall, Academic adviser, athletes Eligibility