Slumming It

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Slumming It by Mind Map: Slumming It

1. What are the main challenges they face in everyday life?

2. Where do they go if the government tells them to get out?

3. How do families end up there if they weren't born into the slums?

4. When did people start living in slums?

5. Why do people think slums are just all bad?

6. Who are the people who help them

7. How can we help?

8. What are the main reasons that a lot of children die when they are young?

9. What are the few ways that people can get out of the slums without being kicked out.

10. Why is the community there so strong

11. Questions

12. Notes

12.1. In these slums in India, it is really tough to get through each week.

12.2. I feel like quite a few people think that because they live there, they are people who don't work hard and don't really care about much which is not true.

12.3. In that slum, the community is really tight and mostly everyone is there for each other and they will give up quite a bit for each other even though they don’t have much at all themselves

12.4. It is home 700,000 to 1,000,000 people

12.5. It’s the 2nd largest slum in Asia and 3rd in the world

12.6. The only way to get out of this poverty circle is to get a good education

13. Health services

13.1. The health services in the slums are very poor and doctors face around 4,000 cases a day of sickness and illness

14. Everyday life services (security and fire services)

14.1. In the slums, it is highly unlikely that there will be any security services (police) or fire services. Even if they did, they it would be hard for them to get the fire trucks down through the narrow streets.

15. Education

16. Sanitation