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Novel by Mind Map: Novel

1. The Sniper

1.1. characters

1.1.1. The Sniper

1.1.2. The Sniper's Brother

1.2. conflicts

1.2.1. Person VS. Person Republicans VS. Free Staters. The sniper killed his brother and they were in different groups, which could represents each group that they had a conflict(Page 3)

1.2.2. Person VS. Self The sniper VS. Himself He will regret his action after he recognized the person he killed was his brother(Page3) The sniper's brother VS. Himself

1.3. setting

1.3.1. The story was happened in the Irish civil war

1.3.2. The story was take place in O’Connell bridge in Dublin

1.3.3. Social Condition: The sniper and his brother were in different parties. They were both grew in a background which filled with wars

1.4. theme

1.4.1. Horror . One came from barber to Torres because Torres had killed many people which made barber afraid of Torres to kill him. The other one was when barber heard that Torres had known he wanted to kill Torres and the shaving was just a test

1.5. plot

1.5.1. Exposition The sniper was on the position where could see the enemy's car

1.5.2. Rising Action He was found by the enemy because of the fire of cigarette and they fought together

1.5.3. Climax The sniper came up with a idea and successfully killed the enemy

1.5.4. Falling Action After he killed the enemy

1.5.5. Resolution He found that he just killed his dear brother

1.6. literary devices

1.6.1. Simile Example: His bullets would never pierce the steel that covered the gray monster. (Page 1)

1.6.2. Personification Example: His eyes had the cold gleam of the fanatic. They were deep and thoughtful, the eyes of a man who is used to looking at death. (Page 1)

1.6.3. Irony Example: The sniper finally found that the person he killed was his brother(Page 3)

2. Just Later, That's All

2.1. characters

2.1.1. The Barber

2.1.2. Captain Torres

2.2. conflicts

2.2.1. Person VS. Person The Barber VS. Captain Torres Because the barber wants to kill Torres but Torres has already know that and the come in only a test.(Page 2-3)

2.2.2. Person VS. Self The Barber VS. Himself The Barber wanted to kill Torres but he is tangle and finally he gave up this idea(Page 2-3)

2.2.3. Person VS. Society The barber and his neighbours VS. Society They were under Torres's rule and Torres liked to kill people which made them afraid of Torres(Page 2-3)

2.3. setting

2.3.1. The story happened in 18 century

2.3.2. The story happened in a barber shop

2.3.3. Social Condition: It was under a background that Captain Torres has killed many people that everyone was afraid of him

2.4. theme

2.4.1. Murder is hard and revenge will never end once it begins. Example: “Others come along and still others…until everything is a sea of blood” (Page 3)

2.5. plot

2.5.1. Exposition Captain Torres came to barber's shop in order to shave his bears

2.5.2. Rising Action The barber is afraid of Torres and continued prepare stuff

2.5.3. Climax The Barber considered about kill or not kill Torres Example 1: “Damn him for coming, because I’m a revolutionary and not a murderer”(Page 2) Example 2 :"My destiny depends on the edge of this blade"(Page 3)

2.5.4. Falling Action The barber gave up his idea and continued shaving bears for Torres

2.5.5. Resolution Torres had already know the barber wanted to kill him

2.6. literary devices

2.6.1. Simile Example : And this four-days' growth of beard was a fitting challenge. (Page 2)

2.6.2. Metaphor Example: He slit his throat while he was shaving him a coward (Page 2)

2.6.3. Personification Example: He should have let it grow like some poets or priests do. (Page 2) Example: Others come along and still others…until everything is a sea of blood” (Page 3)

2.6.4. Symbolism Razor represents death because once the barber use razor to cut Torres's neck, Torres will die

2.6.5. Foreshadowing Example: "They told me that you'd kill me. I came to find out. But killing isn't easy. You can take my word for it."(Page 3)