Confirmation: Unit 4

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Confirmation: Unit 4 by Mind Map: Confirmation: Unit 4

1. Discernment of God's Will 22

1.1. Discern

1.1.1. To find

1.1.2. Find the will of God Vocation for life Growing friendships

1.1.3. Four practices Know and pray with the Sacred Scriptures Listen to liturgy Live the Sacraments Participation in the Eucharist Participation in the Sacrament of Penance Participation in the Sacrament of Reconciliation Involvement in the liturgy Love the Catholic Church Saint Paul Pray to the Holy Spirit Liturgy Greatest prayer Participation in Christ's prayer To the Father In the Holy Spirit

2. Life in the Holy Spirit 21

2.1. Prophet Elijah

2.1.1. Afraid for his life

2.1.2. Spoken out against the false god Baal

2.1.3. Prophets wanted to kill him

2.1.4. Hid in a cave Mount Horeb

2.1.5. The Lord found him

2.1.6. He stood outside the cave

2.1.7. Recognized God Tiny whispering sound Holy Spirit

2.2. Gifts and Responsibilities

2.2.1. Confirmation Gathering in prayer With the Apostles With Mary With angels With saints Holy Spirit comes In the anointing Laying on of hands Words of the bishop Strengthens and confirms Graces Gifts of the Holy Spirit Effects Responsibilities Holy Spirit Ordered to root us deeply Leads us Guides us Unites us firmly With Christ Increases the Gifts of the Holy Spirit Strengthens our relationship With the Church Involves us deeply in Church's mission Bringing the Good News Helps us bear witness Our faith

2.2.2. Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit Seven gifts of the Holy Spirit Wisdom Understanding Right judgement Courage Knowledge Reverence Wonder Awe Fruits of the Holy Spirit Charity Joy Peace Patience Kindness Goodness Generosity Gentleness Faithfulness Modesty Self control Chastity

3. The Rite of Confirmation 20

3.1. Prophet Joel

3.1.1. Prophesied the work of Holy Spirit Fulfilled at Pentecost Fulfilled at Confirmation

3.2. Effects of the Holy Spirit

3.2.1. Not dramatic

3.2.2. Real Jesus told his disciples Father in Heaven

3.3. Sacrament of Confirmation

3.3.1. Eligible Candidates Required age range Profess the faith State of grace Desire to receive Confirmation Intend to live as a disciple Witness to the faith

3.4. Preparing for Confirmation

3.4.1. Leading the Christian Deeper relationship with Christ Lively familiarity with the Holy Spirit Candidate should know the Holy Spirit Recognize him at work Holy Spirit

3.4.2. Candidate A sponsor A godparent Prayer

3.5. Celebrating the Rite

3.5.1. Chrism Mass Holy Week Bishop Consecrates the Sacred Chrism Shares it with the parishes Significant action

3.5.2. Introductory Rites Sacrament of Confirmation Gathering of the assembly

3.5.3. The Liturgy of the Word Rite of Confirmation Explanatory notes

3.5.4. Presentation of the Candidates Pastor Presents the candidates Deacon Catechist Candidate Stands up Comes to the sanctuary Children

3.5.5. Homily or Instruction Bishop Brief homily

3.5.6. Renewal of Baptismal Promises Latin Church Baptism and Confirmation Included in liturgy Candidates Renounce Satan Renounce sin Profess faith in God Relationship Confirmation Baptism

3.5.7. The Laying on of Hands Sign of the descent of the Holy Spirit Time of the Apostles Communication of grace Pentecost Bishop Lays his hands on the candidates Sings prayer Says prayer Prays Vital expression Church's prayer

3.5.8. The Anointing with the Sacred Chrism Addition to laying on of hands Christ Anointed one East Church Formula for the words West Church Confirmation Candidate Stands before the bishop Sponsor stands nearby Name of the candidate Bishop dips right thumb into the Sacred Chrism Bishop makes sign of the cross

3.5.9. The Prayer of the Faithful Prayer for the newly confirmed Prayer for parents Prayer for sponsors Prayer for godparents Prayer for the Church Prayer for all the people Race Nation Prayer for the work of the Holy Spirit Began in the Church Continued

3.5.10. The Liturgy of the Eucharist Sacrament of Confirmation Celebration in Mass

4. Confirmation: East and West 19

4.1. Sacrament of Confirmation

4.1.1. Strengthens new life

4.1.2. Followed Baptism

4.1.3. Bishop Ordinary minister

4.1.4. West Confirmation Bishop was delayed

4.1.5. East Confirmation Three Sacraments never separated Confirmation follows Baptism Administered by the priest

4.2. The Bishop as Sign

4.2.1. Western and Eastern Churches Reflection of profound truths About the Church Eastern Church Unity of Baptism Unity of the Eucharist Unity of Confirmation Western Church Bishop Reservation of Confirmation Bishop A sign Ordained by a previous bishop

4.3. Minister of Confirmation

4.3.1. Latin Church Baptism and Confirmation Separated Bishop Ordinary minister Grants priest permission to administer

5. The Holy Spirit among Us 18

5.1. Ezekiel

5.1.1. Prophesied New covenant With God Fall of Jerusalem Renewal of life

5.1.2. Prophet Influential History of Israel History of salvation

5.2. The Promise of the Messiah

5.2.1. Isaiah Prophet Prophesied Family of David

5.2.2. Angel Messenger of God Mary of Nazareth Mother of the Messiah

5.3. The Promise of the Holy Spirit

5.3.1. Holy Spirit Advocate Someone who speaks up for you Someone who is on your side of conflict Someone who is a trusted helper and advisor Promise of the Father Power from on high Came upon the disciples Came upon Mary