The Rise of Christianity

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The Rise of Christianity by Mind Map: The Rise of Christianity

1. Christianity Spreads threw the Empire

1.1. Paul's Mission

1.1.1. Big influence on Christianity's development. The Pox Romana made the travel of Christianity fairly safe.

1.2. Jewish Rebellion

1.2.1. In A.D. 66 a band of Zealots rebelled against Rome. The Romans Stormed into Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple complex. Most Jews were driven from their homeland into exile. This dispersal of Jews is called Diaspora.

1.3. Persecution of the Christians

1.3.1. The Christians refused to worship the Roman gods. Martyrs were people willing to sacrifice for the sake of a belief or cause.

2. The life and teachings of Jesus

2.1. Jesus was born in a town of Bethlehem in Judea

2.1.1. At age 30 Jesus began his public ministry

2.2. Jesus' Death

2.2.1. After Jesus' death his body was placed in a tome.

3. Jews come under Roman rule

3.1. Roman power spread in Judea

3.1.1. Rome finally took control of the Jewish kingdom and made it the province of Judea in A.D. 6

4. A World Religion

4.1. Early Christian Church

4.1.1. Bishops Priests that supervised several local churches.

4.1.2. Pope Father or head of Christian church.

4.2. Constantine Accepts Christianity

4.2.1. He was a Roman Emperor.

4.3. Discord and Hamony

4.3.1. heresy Any belief that appeared to contradict the basic teachings.

4.4. Fathers of teh church.

4.4.1. Early writers and scholars were called teh fathers of deh church.