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DP Art Show by Mind Map: DP Art Show

1. contact facilities find out how to books space

2. Dates: Set up from the 13th March - Exhib. 27th April

2.1. Study leave begins on the 23rd April this week

2.2. Change from the 27th March

3. When is the latest we can examine?

3.1. Paul and Vani letter sent

3.2. Vani to let me know Monday

3.3. Paul, Vani and me met outcome attached

3.4. 20th April is the final deadline for IB Art

3.4.1. after break !

4. update the Calendar

4.1. sent to Sally

5. Catering - email sent to Vijay of Sudexo

5.1. check closer to the even (early march)

5.2. The order

6. Coffee Tea and water to Sudexo as well

6.1. check closer to the even (early march)

7. large tables for catering (facilities request)

7.1. check closer to the even (early march)

8. notified Kel Win to get lights etc organised

8.1. check closer to the even (early march)

8.2. done

9. Catalogue and poster

9.1. ask Lawrence to do?

9.1.1. do you have a grade 11 students? go with student

9.1.2. snowed under

9.2. ask Ruth?

9.2.1. follow up

9.2.2. send the info again

9.3. Need done by first week March

10. Date change - notify

10.1. Sudexo

10.1.1. order with coffee etc and changed date to the 27th April

10.2. facilties

10.3. kel win

10.3.1. Spaces need to be set up by the 13th March (level 5 and 6) panels up as in last year On Kel Wins jobsheet electrician a few days later in case any panels need moving On Kel Wins jobsheet On Kel Wins jobsheet

10.4. Confirm date move Sally and Facilities

11. Arts subject buy in

11.1. Letter asking for buy it

11.2. music

11.2.1. Jazz band

11.3. drama

11.3.1. film

11.4. film

11.4.1. premier

11.5. dance

11.5.1. film

11.6. planning sheet

11.6.1. revised on the Ars Fac meeting (scroll down)

12. Things that need doing 1 week out

12.1. confirm everything again

12.1.1. caterers

12.1.2. facilties

12.1.3. opener

12.2. wine

12.2.1. kel wins jobsheet ordered 2 doz white and red

12.3. glasses

12.3.1. kel wins jobsheet

13. Opener

13.1. James

13.2. sent script