It´s OK to sneak food in the movies.

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It´s OK to sneak food in the movies. by Mind Map: It´s OK to sneak food in the movies.

1. Rules are rules I get it but they still make a good 20% of profit from they´re movie tickets. And even though some people go out of there way to get there own snacks some others actually buy the movie´s snacks plus the movie theaters make a high percentage of 80% from there snacks.

2. 1. You save allot of money if you bring your own snacks.

2.1. You could get almost 3x the amount of candy at a local gas station. ¨Why pay $5 for M&Ms when you can get them for several dollars cheaper at the corner store?¨ (O'Neil 16).

3. 2. Usually not a wide variety at all and the same 10 different candies every time.

3.1. From previous experience I noticed that at the movies they daily basis restock, but the same snacks or candy every time....

4. 3. Unhealthy snacks and people with a diet will most likely not go to the movies.

4.1. But with being able to bring snacks you can have some fresh celery. ¨For one thing the options at the concession stand are almost always junk food what if you want something healthy?,¨ (O'Neil 16).