Common Female Characters in Film

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Common Female Characters in Film by Mind Map: Common Female Characters in Film

1. Love Interest

1.1. Most common role

1.2. Can also act as a helper or donor

1.3. The love interest tends to end up being the 'prize' for the male hero in the film - when the man saves the day, he gets the girl

2. Maternal Figure

2.1. Additionally may act as a helper or donor

2.2. Seen with children or caring for others

2.3. Typically positive, but does just conform to gender stereotypes and traditional roles

3. Femme Fatale

3.1. Seductive

3.2. Mysterious

3.3. Dangerous - antagonist

3.4. Causes distress and pain to the man who becomes involved wit her

4. Victim/Damsel in Distress

4.1. Dependent on others

4.2. Typically needs to be saved by the male hero

4.3. Protected by the protagonist and makes them seem more admirabe

5. Sex Symbol

5.1. Casting and costuming play a large part

5.2. Acts as 'eye candy'

5.3. Built on the 'sex sells' mind

5.4. Whilst this representation may be seen as objectifying, it can be empowering and helps to promote body confidence and the embracement of your body and sexuality

5.5. E.g Bond Girls

6. Warrior

6.1. Strong and independent

6.2. Action heros

6.3. Hero themselves or helper

6.4. The traits of the 'Warrior' are not often translated into other character types and different genres