Undefeated Mind - Alex Lickerman - Big Ideas

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Undefeated Mind - Alex Lickerman - Big Ideas by Mind Map: Undefeated Mind - Alex Lickerman - Big Ideas

1. How do you know you are strong?

1.1. Only When you experience your strength

1.1.1. And that only happens when you have to overcome an obstacle

1.2. Like going to the gym and lifting weights

1.3. By defeating a powerful enemy

2. Make it a MUST

2.1. Burn the bridges/Boat

2.1.1. Trap yourself in a rigid timeline/deadline/commitment that you MUST meet

2.1.2. Tell someone or announce to the world that you will accomplish a certain goal We get hugely motivated if we believe we will lose someone's respect

2.1.3. Story of Cortez and his boats Landed on the shores of Mexico Realized that he needed to get the very best out of his soldiers to win the battle

2.2. We think we are stopped because we don't know How to

2.2.1. But we are actually stopped because we it's not a MUST for us

2.3. Tony Robbins

2.3.1. The only way you will make great things happen is if they become a MUST for you

2.3.2. When its a MUST for you ..... You will find a way

2.4. We give our very best when we are forced to

2.4.1. We have a lot more in us than we believe we do

3. Undefeated Mind means

3.1. Any obstacle can be used to your advantage

3.2. Its not about never being defeated. Its about rising up and going to battle field no matter how many times we have been defated

3.3. Obstacles and Tough situations make you stronger

3.3.1. You rise to the occasion to meet the challenge

3.4. The Obstacle is the way forward

3.5. Circumstances do not define me

3.5.1. I take action no matter what the circumstances

4. 10x Harder

4.1. Any action will be met with outside friction and obstacles

4.1.1. That is how the world works

4.1.2. Newton's law of motion Any action has an equal and opposite reaction

4.2. Obstacles are

4.2.1. An indicator of progress

4.2.2. Requirement for success

4.2.3. The way forward

4.2.4. Paradoxically - The path to comfort

4.2.5. An opportunity We must view them as such

4.3. The goal you have right now is not hard

4.3.1. It is harder than you expected And hence you feel disheartened

4.3.2. Expect it to be VERY VERY hard How hard do you expect it to be Multiply it by 10 That will make sure that we do not give up in face of challenges, setbacks and obstacles

4.4. Paradox

4.4.1. People who succeed fail more often than people who fail!

4.5. Take on More difficult Goals

4.5.1. People who take on difficult goals Outperform those who take on easy goals

4.5.2. We give our very best when the goal is difficult

5. Responsibility > Desires

5.1. Taking responsibility makes us mentally tougher

5.1.1. Higher the responsibility -> The more we are likely to ACT in spite of all obstacles

5.2. When it comes to accomplishing our goals

5.2.1. Responsibility > Desire

5.2.2. Responsibility pushes us into action

5.3. It is not a Burden - but instead a gift that can spur us forward

5.4. Striving to do the right thing makes us stronger

5.4.1. - Research study - Hold up a 5 pound weight - Those who donated held the weight 7 seconds longer - Gave all participants a dollar and half of them were given the opportunity to donate the dollar to charity Doing good increases our sense of agency or potency

6. The Paradox of Pain

6.1. Accepting challenging, painful emotions can give us strength

6.1.1. Surrender to those emotions

6.2. Just like body building

6.2.1. Push to the limit

6.2.2. Accept Pain as part of growth

6.2.3. No pain no gain is true

6.3. Most people give up way too soon

6.3.1. Because they can not handle the pain

6.3.2. But if you accept the pain ... now you can handle a lot more. You are NOT defeated by the pain

6.4. Basic Stoicism

6.4.1. Do what you must do in spite of your feelings

7. The Attack mindset

7.1. Path to victory is all about attack

7.1.1. It can never be planned It can only be discovered through trial and error In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable. - Dwight Eisenhower

7.1.2. We must attack in face of all the uncertainities We can not be stopped because of indecision Think and Grow Rich Action is the only way to counter uncertainity "A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week." - General Patton

7.1.3. We can not wait for circumstances to be perfect Napoleon Bonaparte during war “Circumstances-what are circumstances? I make circumstances”

7.1.4. We must constantly evolve and change Trying the same thing over and over again is cowardice

7.2. Dean Simonton Research:

7.2.1. Creativity is a probabilistic output of productivity

7.2.2. Those who succeed Try more often Fail more often

7.2.3. More attempts => Higher likelihood of success