Kids Should Get Paid to Do Chores

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Kids Should Get Paid to Do Chores by Mind Map: Kids Should Get Paid to Do Chores

1. Kids Are More Successful

1.1. Marty Rossman from University of Minnesota says, "Adults who did chores as kids are more likely to have good relationships with their families and to be successful in school and in their careers."

1.2. Chores help give kids a sense of empathy as adults.

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3. Counter Argument

3.1. I know you're probably thinking kids shouldn't be paid to do chores. Chores are work. Adults get paid to do work, so why shouldn't kids?

4. Kids Learn Responsibility

4.1. Kids learn to organize all their activities to make sure they have time for their chores and homework.

4.2. Author Patricia Sprinkle says, "They learn responsibility." "Doing these tasks teaches kids to apply themselves to work they may not especially enjoy."

5. Kids Learn to Manage Their Money

5.1. Chad Kauffman, president of Junior Achievement in Arkansas, says,"The earlier young people can start becoming financially literate, balancing wants and needs and understanding when money is gone, it's gone, the better."

5.2. To raise financially intelligent adults, many parents pay their children to do easy jobs around the house.