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Youth Work by Mind Map: Youth Work


1.1. Values

1.1.1. Raising Awareness of social or health issues to influence change

1.1.2. Develop relationships to create a united voice

1.1.3. Leading by example Healthy living respect for others

1.2. Services

1.2.1. Leadership/Mentoring

1.2.2. Fitness/Sports Gym skate parks Camping

1.2.3. Community Escapes Bridge Project

2. Impacts on Young People's Lives

2.1. Experiencing racism within culturally diverse communities

2.2. Living and growing up in a crime heavy neighbourhood

3. Services

3.1. YSAS

3.1.1. Community Programs Revival Ink Youth Centres Reconnect Family Support

3.1.2. Health Primary Health Services

3.1.3. Housing Residential Withdrawal Footscray Glen Iris Geelong Birribi Residentail Rehabilitation

3.2. Headspace

3.2.1. Health Onsite GP education session AOD counselling groups psychologist, psychiatrist and counsellors

3.2.2. Parents Parent and child couselling sessions info sessions/brochures about Young People

3.3. Pheonix Youth Centre

3.3.1. Social school programs FReeZA

3.3.2. Accessibility L2P Program Hip Hop: Raw Elements Art and Theatre Braybrook Big Bang

3.3.3. Housing Room for hire

3.4. Centre for Multiculteral Youth

3.4.1. Employment MyMentor Pathways

3.4.2. Regional Game Plan I speak football Boyspace

3.4.3. Youth Support Reconnect Unaccompanied Humanitarian Minors Ucan2

4. Popular Beliefs

4.1. Authority figures can't be trusted/don't have their best interests

4.1.1. not reporting crime, especially when they are the victim

4.1.2. Actively disobeying authorities, sometims in spite of authority

4.2. "I know everything"

4.2.1. Missing appointments with mentors/ youth workers

4.2.2. not questioning their first instinct, leading to decisions based on immediate fulfillal of desires rather than logic/reason


5.1. Privacy and Confidentiality

5.1.1. ensuring that young people's privacy is maintained Always ask consent before asking private or personal information Do not share any personal information given to you unless necessary avoid any unecessary invasion of privacy

5.1.2. There can be exceptions: the worker believes the youth will harm themselves The worker believes the youth will harm others Some sharing of information is required between the youth workers involved with a particulat young person

5.2. Anti-Oppressive Practive

5.2.1. Maintaining equity of opportunity

5.2.2. Celebrating and respecting others' cultural backgrounds, identities, choices and beliefs.

5.2.3. A youth worker must: detatch their personal beliefs from their work Actively advocate to change unjust policy/laws Ensure practices are culturally appropriate and competent

6. History

6.1. 1800s to now

6.1.1. 1800s - Christian based YMCA YWCA Became a centre for early feminism Anglicare Salvation Army

6.1.2. early 1900s - A Shift to Militarisation Boy Scouts Girl Guides Boys Brigade

6.1.3. Mid 1900s - Leisure, Activity and Fitness for Battle National Fitness Council of Vic Victorian Associated Youth Committee National Service Act 1951

6.1.4. Aftermath of the Barry Report youth political activism rises Student Representative Councils Formal Youth Work courses YACVic

6.1.5. Community Youth Support Scheme 1976 social control from unemployed youth began advocating for U18s unemployment benefits Defunded in 1980

7. Youth Workers' Support

7.1. ASU ( Australian Services Union) – workers union non-government social and community services industry

7.2. Internal management of the organisation

8. Promote workplace Sustainability

8.1. Social Sustainability

8.1.1. creating a workplace where the employees have access to fresh air, light, space, hygiene and a comfortable environment with adequate facilities.

8.2. Environmental Sustainability

8.2.1. creating workplace policy and procedure that think of the impact of the organisations waste management on the environment.