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Slovenia Magazine by Mind Map: Slovenia Magazine

1. Prince Caspian

1.1. Part of this movie was filmed by the Soča river

2. Lipica

2.1. World-renowned horses known for their beauty and ability to perform tricks that captivate the audience

3. Religion

3.1. Catholic

3.2. Orthodox

3.3. Protestant

4. Line Rider

4.1. Created by Boštjan Čadež, a Slovenian student

5. Joze Plecnik

5.1. A well known Central European architect who had an extreme fear of water (he rarely bathed! [ROFLMAO])

6. Tina Maze

6.1. The current World Champion in the Giant Slalom

7. Potica

7.1. A certain kind of nut roll that is native to Slovenia

8. Immigration

8.1. Serbian

8.2. Croatian

8.3. Macedonia

8.4. Kosovo

9. Beautiful Scenery

9.1. Almost everywhere you look, beautiful scenery can be found across the country of Slovenia

10. Željko Ivanek

10.1. Slovenian-American actor, born in Ljubljana in 1957, moved to America when he was 3

11. Dejan Zavec

11.1. In his entire professional boxing career, Zavec has only lost 1 fight