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Armond Budish by Mind Map: Armond Budish
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Armond Budish

D-8th District  

Money From Armond Budish

Marilyn Brown $1,000

Franklin County Commissioner

Eric Brown $250

Former OH Chief of Supreme Court

Money From Budish to Political Party Committees

House Democratic Caucus Fund $2,086,374.57

Ohio Democratic Party State Candidate Fund $7,500

Money to Armond Budish from Political Party Committees

House Democratic Caucus Fund $22,065.72

Nurses Democratic Caucus $250

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee $22,395.56

Summit County Democratic Party $5,000

Money to Armond Budish

US Rep. Tim Ryan. D-Youngstown $10,000


US Rep. Marcia Fudge. D-Cleveland $100

OH Rep. Sandra Williams. D-Cleveland $250

Russ Pry $500

Summit County Executive

Richard Campbell $500

Stark County Recorder

OH Rep. Kenny Yuko. R-Cleveland $1,100

OH Rep. Loraine Fende. D-Willowick $250

Lance Mason $5,500

Cuyahoga Common Pleas

Dan Pocek $250

Bedford Mayor

Linda Omobien $100

Akron City Council

Martin Zanotti $100

Former Parma Heights Mayor

Mark Owens $250

Dayton Clerk

Carol Rimedio-Righetti $100

Mahoning County Commissioner  

William Mason $150

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor

OH Rep. Tim DeGeeter. D-Parma $100

Nicholas Celebreeze $150

Parma City Council

Tim Dobeck $100

Parma Chief Prosecutor

Nan Whaley $200

Dayton Commissioner

Dean DiPiero $1,000

Parma Mayor

Brian Day $75

Parma City Council

Brian Higgins $100

Brookpark Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee