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SEO free tools by Mind Map: SEO free tools

1. Keyword & competitive research

1.1. UberSuggest: long tail keyword research. Keywords often don't show up in Google's keyword planner.

1.2. Word Frequency Counter: good for competitive/keyword research

1.3. Wayback Machine: check old or deleted pages on any website. Comes in hand for competitive research

1.4. Builtwith: find out what websites are built with (CMS, etc.)

2. Content

2.1. APIs Dashboard: all of the most popular APIs on the web

2.2. Draw.IO - draw simple charts and graphs

2.3. Unsplash | Free High Resolution Photos - Free Stock images

2.4. Infogram - create free infographics

2.5. FindTheBest - great research search engine

2.6. Butterick’s Practical Typography - learn typography

3. Link Building

3.1. Google Images: reverse lookup an image to find if an image or graphic you created has been used without attribution, then reach out to ask for a link.

3.2. Google Alerts: Get alerts when a keyword is mentioned in content. Google for citation link building.

4. Technical SEO

4.1. SEOTools for Excel: Suite of tools, including pulling meta title, meta description of URL, checking HTTP status codes of URLs and more. A personal favorite.

4.2. Screenfly: test your website on different devices and resolutions

4.3. Ayima redirect path chrome extension: shows redirect path of any given URL

4.4. Google Webmaster blog: not a tool, but contains the answers to some of the most difficult technical SEO questions