First Weapon Ideas

My first couple of weapons designs (I'm a teen wanting to be a weapons designer) need advice

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First Weapon Ideas by Mind Map: First Weapon Ideas

1. Thermite Missile

1.1. Used only for taking down heavily armored vehicles

1.1.1. Equipped with spear like nose to then grip into metal

1.1.2. Also has 400,000 ring of neodymium magnets to lock into place on tank Only initiated 3 seconds after lift off

1.2. Contains 40 lbs of thermite

1.3. Capable of melting through some of the thickest metals

1.4. Shot out of basic LRM Carriers

1.4.1. Speed is around 1200 feet per second 10 miles into flight

2. Pressure Impact Shock Box

2.1. Dropped From Plane

2.1.1. Plane flying at 30,000

2.1.2. Coordinates will be set and detonation level will be dialed

2.1.3. Box Equipped with GPS targeting and Stabilized Wings

2.1.4. Parachute will be utilized until 1500 feet above target

2.2. Can be set to go through multiple layers before detonation

2.2.1. Maximum number of layers is 3

2.2.2. Equipped with drill bit nose to punch through building levels

2.3. Upon detonation there will be 3 shock waves

2.3.1. The box will have 3 one Kilowatt batteries inside

2.3.2. Each battery contributes to each wave

2.3.3. Detonation will not occur until there is no cooperation from enemy forces There will be someone in charge of the remote detonator Team collaboration

2.4. Prior to detonation box will self destruct

2.4.1. Ensures technology will not fall into wrong hands

3. Non-Explosive Acid Missile

3.1. Missile contains hydrochloric, Sulfuric, and Hydrofluoric acid

3.1.1. Some of the strongest know acids Hydrochloric Acid Highly corrosive on inorganic materials (i.e. steel pickling) Sulfuric Acid is Also highly corrosive but on organic materials (i.e. when introduced to skin, it will blister and then dehydrate anything it comes into contact, usually amputations are necessary if a significant amount of time has elapsed) Hydrofluoric Acid is more corrosive than Hydrochloric acid on inorganic materials (i.e. can dissolve glass very easily)

3.2. Used only in extreme emergency cases

3.2.1. If there was an attack on domestic soil and there was a known location of terrorists

3.2.2. To save lives of our troops

3.3. 12 Chambers of pressurized acid

3.3.1. After landing missile will have legs pop out to prop it up Remote Detonation of each type of gas 1 chamber at a time Decided by group of highly ranked officials

3.4. No explosives means more metal/space for fuel

3.4.1. More metal means larger impact depth

3.4.2. More fuel means greater distance

4. Explosive Buck Shot

4.1. Expands on the idea of exploding bullets

4.2. Fired out of a shot gun allowing greater impact zone

4.3. Each cartridge will also be equipped with a polyethylene casing to ensure no melting

4.3.1. Explosion in chamber reaches very high temperatures dues to materials used to launch munitions out of the barrel