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First Weapon Ideas by Mind Map: First Weapon Ideas
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First Weapon Ideas

Non-Explosive Acid Missile

Missile contains hydrochloric, Sulfuric, and Hydrofluoric acid

Used only in extreme emergency cases

worse than atomic bomb (melts peoples skin off before killing them)

12 Chambers of pressurized acid

No explosives means more metal/space for fuel

Thermite Missile

Used only for taking down heavily armored vehicles

Contains 40 lbs of thermite

Capable of melting through some of the thickest metals

Shot out of basic LRM Carriers

Explosive Buck Shot

Expands on the idea of exploding bullets

Fired out of a shot gun allowing greater impact zone

Each cartridge will also be equipped with a polyethylene casing to ensure no melting

Pressure Impact Shock Box

Dropped From Plane

Can be set to go through multiple layers before detonation

Upon detonation there will be 3 shock waves

Prior to detonation box will self destruct