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Asthma by Mind Map: Asthma

1. Symptoms

1.1. Coughing at night or morning

1.2. Wheezing 'whistling' sound

1.3. tight chest

1.4. breathless and gasping for breath

1.5. Asthma triggered by allerges ir exercise which was vigorous

2. Treatment and Management

2.1. Inhaled bronchodilator drug

2.1.1. Widen the airways

2.2. Nebulizer

2.2.1. used for severe attacks

2.2.2. fine mist through face mask or mouth siece

2.3. Spacer

2.3.1. babies and young children allow to coordinate their breathing

2.4. inhaled corticosteroids

2.4.1. continuously used to prevent attacks reducing inflammation in the airways

3. Lifestyle changes

3.1. Warm up and cool down before and after exercising

3.2. Exercise in humid conditions- swimming

3.3. Swimming can improve symptoms and overall exercise can improve lung functioning

3.4. weight reduction in obese patients improve lung function and should be encouraged

3.5. should be encouraged to stop smoking and not be surrounded by people smoking either

3.6. minimise exposure to triggers such as allergens, irritants, exercise and breathing cold air

4. Impact on having Asthma

4.1. Physical

4.1.1. Gasping for breath

4.1.2. not able to exercise as much due to exercise being a trigger

4.1.3. They suffer from coughing at morning and night

4.1.4. Tightness in the chest and suffer from wheezing

4.2. Intellectual

4.2.1. Reducing concentration and attendance at school; effecting learning opportunities

4.2.2. Patient learn about the condition

4.3. Emotional

4.3.1. children may also worry about having an asthma attack which may cause anxiety

4.3.2. Family and carers may feel stress,worry, anxiety and upset

4.3.3. children may feel embarrassed and be teased for using an inhaler causing low self-esteem

4.4. Social

4.4.1. May not be able to participate in certain activities such as football

4.4.2. Family and carers may be limited to what the can do e.g. pets and activities also result constantly looking after the patient which will be time consuming.

4.5. Financial

4.5.1. A parent may need to take time off work if child has an asthma attack

4.5.2. A adult with severe asthma may need to take time of work as result to an asthma attack

5. What is Asthma?

5.1. Inflammation of the bronchi

5.2. Chronic Health condition

5.3. Mucus can block the smaller airways

5.4. Asthma can be a life threatening condition and may require hospital treatment

5.5. Long term inflammation may lead to permanent narrowing

6. Causes of Asthma

6.1. Being exposed to tobacco smoke as a child and mother smoking when pregnant

6.2. Born prematurely and needed a ventilator, having a low birth weight 4.5 pounds or less

6.3. Family history

6.4. Having another allergic condition such as food allergy, hay fever eczema