What to say when you talk to yourself - Shad Helmstetter

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What to say when you talk to yourself - Shad Helmstetter by Mind Map: What to say when you talk to yourself - Shad Helmstetter

1. True or not

1.1. Brain simply believes what you tell it the most

2. The Wall

2.1. We talk to ourselves all the time

2.1.1. Most of it is sub-conscious

2.2. The more we believe something

2.2.1. The more we accept similar thoughts and ideas

2.3. The brain wants to tie new things to things you already believe

2.4. Internal programming

3. 5 Kinds of Self Talk

3.1. Silent Self talk

3.1.1. Conscious or sub-conscious

3.1.2. Notice how you talk to yourself

3.1.3. Rephrase your silent talk to yourself

3.2. Self Speak

3.2.1. Anything you say out loud About yourself About others

3.3. Self conversation

3.3.1. Holding a conversation with yourself You are holding both sides of the conversation Out loud

3.3.2. Most effective form of self talk More of you gets involved You become your own best friend

3.3.3. Example Good morning How do you feel today? Why are you so excited about life today? Ask yourself power questions

3.4. Self Write

3.4.1. Writing the instructions you want to deliver to yourself

3.4.2. Why is it effective Focuses your attention Gets you fully involved

3.5. Tape talk

3.5.1. Record your self write

3.5.2. Listen to it all the time

3.5.3. Benefits You can program yourself on the go You can do it all the time

4. 4 categories

4.1. Change Habits

4.2. Change Attitude

4.3. Accomplishing goals

4.4. Motivation

5. Perfect Self Talk

5.1. Present Tense

5.1.1. As though the desire has already been accomplished

5.1.2. The more finished a picture, the more specific the directions to your SCM

5.2. Specific

5.3. Simple and easy

6. Analyze your current self talk

6.1. Watch your self talk for next 3 days

6.2. Start Writing it out so that you can really analyze it

6.3. Now begin to write new, empowering self talk