Living Things Vs. Non-living Things

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Living Things Vs. Non-living Things by Mind Map: Living Things Vs. Non-living Things

1. Food

1.1. Does it need food?

1.2. energy

1.3. nutrition

2. Shelter: Can it sense things?

2.1. habitat

2.2. adapts

3. Water: Does it need water?

4. Air: Does it breathe?

5. Reproduce: Does it reproduce?

5.1. cells

5.2. growth

5.3. excretion

5.4. bacteria

6. Growth: Does it grow?

6.1. life cycle

6.2. movement

7. Living Things: People, Animal, Plants

8. What do Living things need?

9. Examples of Living Things: Parents, Teachers, dog, cats, plants, trees, etc.

10. Bicycle, cell phone, cloud, water, soil, etc.

11. Non-Living things: Natural Man Made

12. they do not move

13. they do not reproduce

14. they do not breathe

15. they do not need food

16. they do not feel

17. Examples of Non Living Things:

18. What are the characteristics of Non-living Things