Business Intelligence in AIESEC in Brazil

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Business Intelligence in AIESEC in Brazil by Mind Map: Business Intelligence in AIESEC in Brazil

1. Introduction

1.1. definition

1.1.1. a broad set of applications, technologies and knowledge for gathering and analysing data for the purpose of helping users make better business decisions

1.2. challenge

1.2.1. gather and serve organized information regaring all relevant factors that drive the business and enable end-users to access that knowledge easily and efficiently

2. case studies / resources



3. see also (from wikipedia)

3.1. Sales intelligence

3.2. Analytics

3.3. Business intelligence tools

3.4. Dashboards

3.5. Location intelligence

3.6. Operational intelligence

3.7. OODA loop

3.8. Predictive analytics

3.9. Business Intelligence 2.0

3.10. Process mining

3.11. Integrated business planning

4. Projects BI-related

4.1. SONA improvement

4.2. Report system

4.3. CRM policies and tracking

4.4. Data warehouse (2010)

4.5. ETL process (2010)