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Immigration by Mind Map: Immigration

1. Mexican Immigration

1.1. Mexican Americans make up more than 7.3% of the U.S. population

1.2. Mexican Americans are the fastest growing ethnic group in the nation

1.3. Mexico is the country of origin of the largest number of most recent immigrants

1.4. In the 19th century, immigrants came one of two ways: the either emigrated from Mexico, or if they were North enough, were brought into the country when the border receded

1.5. Mexican Americas are also the top ethnic group with illegal immigration

2. Asian Immigration

2.1. There are more than 30 different Asian ethnic groups living in the U.S.

2.2. Chinese Americans make up more than 24% of all Asian Americans

2.3. Japanese Americans make up about 10% of all Asian Americans

2.4. Filipinos make up about 21% of all Asian Americans

2.5. There are more than 11.9 million Asian Americans living in the U.S.

3. Arab Immigration

3.1. Includes 21 countries extending from the African shores of the Atlantic Ocean to the Arab-Persian Gulf in Asia

3.2. Most Arabs are Muslim, but some are also Christian and Jewish

3.3. The largest group of Arab Americans are of Lebanese descent

3.4. Arab Americans represent more than 4.2% of the U.S. population

3.5. What is known as the Great Migration occurred between 1880 and 1924

4. European Immigration

4.1. European immigration started back in 1492 when Columbus first arrived in North America

4.2. Europeans were the first to start colonizing in America

4.3. Most of the U.S. population is of European descent and origin

4.4. The largest group of origin comes from Germany as German Americans

4.5. A large immigration occurred during the Irish Potato Famine as many tried to immigrate to the U.S.

5. African Immigration

5.1. Africans were one of the first to immigrate to North America

5.2. Many of the first African immigrants had no choice to immigrate as they were piled onto save ships and shipped to North America for trading

5.3. Many of the first African slave immigrants were also young, meaning they could do more hard labor

5.4. African immigrants are among the most educated groups of American immigrants

5.5. African Americans were some of the most segregated immigrants