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Sales Rep Magnet by Mind Map: Sales Rep Magnet
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Sales Rep Magnet

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

Free Job Posting Sites

Idaho Job board

Other state job boards

Unemployment Job Board

Social Networking Sites


My space (?)

Focus on Local

Local MLM leaders

Michael do trainings for Chamber????

Sales Rep Meeting/Interview

Host an Event as a sponsor $100 - $200

Local Job Fairs

Trade Shows -Chamber every 4 months - table for "hiring" and for merchants.

Create a sales training event like Rich Dad did - viral invites (sm to send through mike at Horizon Home Health)

Start/Sponsor a Leads Group for Unemployed Professionals

hang up fliers in bookstores and coffee shops, for events, job opps, trainings, whatever.

Paid Job Websites

Linked In



Career builder

The ladders (may not be able to, need to check)



Inustry Magazines


Sales Industry Magazines - pd ad or training articles or business highlight article

New node

New node

E-mail blast

old or closed leads who's situation may have changed.

buy a list from somewhere

Groupon Coupon for merchants, not sure how to expand that to Sales reps...?

Sales Blog or Forum Participation

Business Opportunity Websites

Banks - extra service for merchants to increase leads

Washington Trust

Bank of America

US Bank

If the big banks are too complicated start with small local banks with less bureaucracy. If they can't be a Sales REp...probably can't - the conversation can lead to merchant referrals.

Sales Reps in Industries with retailers as members

Music Stores

sm Local Office Supply guys

Kitchen supply stores

New node


I have no idea how to use it - research