Economic Impact of Tourism Walt Disney Travel Company

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Economic Impact of Tourism Walt Disney Travel Company by Mind Map: Economic Impact of Tourism Walt Disney Travel Company

1. Quality of life for the locals

2. Social and cultural benefits

3. Walt Disney Company supports the locals with employment and in 2009 paid out nearly $2 billion in compensation to an astonishing number of employees (Garcia 2011). This brings local job offerings to a whole new level.

4. Walt Disney World Operations in Florida offered up to 161,000 jobs (Garcia 2011). These jobs range, entry level to executive level, including housekeeping, food and beverage, sales agents, and much much more

5. According to Garcia 2011, Disney had also announced that they would be helping in education as well. They would be distributing up to $290,000 in grants among five school districts and five early-learning coalitions.

6. On top off all it did for local education efforts, it also had donated close to $28 million in cash and goods and services to Central Florida charities last year (Garcia 2011)

7. The Disney Cast members also stepped in and gave 228,000 hours of their own time to volunteer for various different locations (Garcia 2011).

8. Councils created in Disney run cities meet and approve matters such as pollution-control board appointments, hours for alcohol sales during special events at the theme parks and law-enforcement contracts to pay Orange County Sheriff's Office to patrol the Disney area. (Pedicini, 2015)

9. More housing options like apartments, and homes have been built surrounding Disney, providing employees with many other options for living close to work. (Pedicini, 2015). There is nothing like having the comfort of living so close to work.

10. References Garcia, J. (2011, April 13). Disney says it generates $18.2 billion annual ripple effect in Florida. Orlando Sentinel. Retrieved from The Walt Disney Company. (2017). Retrieved from Pedicini, S. (2015, May 23). Walt Disney World's city residents help keep resort running. Orlando Sentinel. Retrieved from The Walt Disney Company. (2017). Retrieved from

11. Benefits to the Economy

12. Benefits to local city and surrounding area

13. According to the Orlando Sentinel writer (Garcia, 2011), "Walt Disney World and its related businesses in Florida generate an estimated $18.2 billion a year."

14. Three Walt Disney hospitality services of Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, and Disney Vacation Club account for 2.5 percent of Florida's cumulative gross domestic product (Garcia 2011)

15. “Disney purchased upwards to $2.3 billion worth of goods and services during the year, according the report, including an estimated $900 million from vendors in Florida.” (Garcia 2011)

16. Benefits to the environment

16.1. According to "The Walt Disney Company" (2017), “In 2016, we have successfully reduced our net emissions by 37%. By 2020, we aim to reduce net emissions by 50%.”

17. The Walt Disney Company made a commitment to the planet through its conservation and environmental awareness programs by saying they planned to protect the planet, and use their resources wisely while they grow their and operate their business ("The Walt Disney Company", 2017).

18. They worked in inspiring children and adults alike to learn how to conserve nature and to always care about our planet ("The Walt Disney Company", 2017).

19. “Forty-four residents handpicked by Disney live in two tiny gated mobile-home parks tucked away on the sprawling resort. There, they become cogs in the governmental machinery that allows Disney to control its own services such as planning, building codes and firefighting.” (Pedicini, 2015,).

20. Reedy Creek Improvement District is one of three Disney created and governed areas. Here they handle most of their own services, such as fire rescue, and its own building codes. (Pedicini, 2015)

21. The Walt Disney Company is constantly introducing jobs to help the local economy. In 2010, they introduced close to 700 construction jobs alone. (The Walt Disney Company", 2017).

22. As well as they were expecting up to 800 more jobs in all types to become available during their additional expansions by 2012. (The Walt Disney Company", 2017).