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health by Mind Map: health

1. addiction

1.1. what is addiction ?

1.1.1. The condition of addicted to a particular substance or thing. What is the most common addiction in the US?

1.2. how many people in the world are struggling with addiction ?

1.2.1. has this rate increased or decreased over the years? Increased rapidly

1.3. how does it affect your body ?

1.3.1. can it permanently damage your body? does it mostly affect your brain?

1.4. is there a cure or can you get help ?

1.4.1. yes, most common treatments are known to be therapy and medication are these proven to work?

1.5. how does this happen ?

1.5.1. one becomes immune to what they are doing constantly and believe they need it to survive their everyday life What is the best way to avoid addiction at a young age?

1.6. what can you be addicted to ?

1.6.1. Gambling, the internet, shopping, binge eating, pills, inhalants, sex, love What is the rate of drug overdoses? Can any of these cause major amounts of stress?

2. anxiety

2.1. how is this caused ?

2.1.1. Environmental, medical, genetics,substance abuse, brain chemistry What is the most common cause in the US?

2.2. how does this affect your day to day life ?

2.2.1. does it slow your thinking process down and distract you from important things in life? Can it mess up relationships?

2.3. are you born with it ?

2.3.1. Yes but can it happen to just about anyone? what age is it most common in?

2.4. is there different "levels" of anxiety ?

2.4.1. can the levels be treated with medication? what are the symptoms of anxiety? Panic, Fear, Sleeping issues, Dry Mouth, Heart races, Nausea, Not being able to stay calm or still, Tingling hands and feet.

3. autism

3.1. are you born with this ?

3.1.1. yes, it is most commonly formed as a baby how exactly does one develop autism?

3.2. is this genetic ?

3.2.1. is it known to have been passed from family member to family member? how many people in the US have autism?

3.3. are there different types ?

3.3.1. do other issues result from autism? can one develop depression if they suffer from autism?

3.4. can you get rid of it or can it go away entirely ?

3.4.1. what are the best cures for helping fix autism? do these cures successfully improve the autism?

4. bipolar disorder

4.1. how does this effect your lifestyle ?

4.1.1. does it mostly affect your brain and your thinking process? How many people in the US suffer from bipolar disorder?

4.2. is there treatment for this ?

4.2.1. what are the most common medications for bipolar disorder? can exercising help with this?

4.3. are you born with this ?

4.3.1. is it mostly known to be genetic? can PTSD or other life experiences lead to someone becoming bipolar?

4.4. are there worse than others ?

4.4.1. how does one become cured from bipolar disorder? how does it affect others who deal with people who have bipolar disorder?

5. cancer

5.1. different types of cancers ?

5.1.1. Brain Cancer, Colon Cancer, Breast cancer, Lung cancer, etc. what is the most common type of cancer that people suffer from?

5.2. are all cancers fatal ?

5.2.1. No, some have been proven to be healed by treatments? what works best? radiation or taking pills?

5.3. do all cancers require radiation/chemotherapy ?

5.3.1. do doctors recommend using radiation with every cancer? how does this affect the families of cancer patients?

5.4. what is the worst type of cancer ?

5.4.1. what are the symptoms of cancer? Nausea, Exhaustion, lack of appetite, loss of hair, etc.

5.5. how many people have beat cancer ? what kind of cancer did they have ?

5.5.1. how many years are people known to be in and out of hospitals with cancer? are there any unknown cancer treatments in the world? If so, what?

6. dieting

6.1. what kinds of diets are there ?

6.1.1. Vegan, No carbs, Dukan, Paleo, Zone, Atkins, Ultra Low-Fat which one is known to work the best?

6.2. do they always work ?

6.2.1. what studies were done to prove that diets 100% work? what is the rate of people who it has worked for?

6.3. are they always healthy ?

6.3.1. does exercise play the biggest role in the healthy scale? is it best to eat healthier and exercise? would you lose more weight this way?

6.4. what is the best food to eat when you are on a diet ?

6.4.1. are fruits and vegetables known to be the healthiest foods to eat? are all fruits and vegetables healthy?

6.5. what is the worst ?

6.5.1. diets that focus on only a few foods or food groups? is it best to spread your food groups out or eat the same stuff constantly?

7. depression

7.1. how do you get this ?

7.1.1. can it be genetic or does it all depend on who you are as a person? what is the most common cause of depression? Is stress the biggest cause of depression?

7.2. can anyone get this ?

7.2.1. yes, many people are known to suffer from depression how should someone reach out about depression?

7.3. what is the most common age for depression ?

7.3.1. 6.8 percent in the given year have been 18 or older is it common to form depression if you're suffering from other health issues, such as hiv/aids or diabetes?

7.4. is there any cures or treatment for depression ?

7.4.1. what are the names of the most popular medications used to help cure depression? are therapies known to be the main cure of depression?

7.5. how many people has it affected so bad that they end their own lives ?

7.5.1. Can depression form in young children, such as ages 7 or 8? It doesn't only affect patients but it also can affect the families of suicide victims

8. diabetes

8.1. are you born with this ?

8.1.1. it is proven to be a born traits can diabetes develop as you get older?

8.2. can this be fatal ?

8.2.1. how many people have died from diabetes? can other health problems occur if you get diabetes?

8.3. how many people have this ?

8.3.1. is diabetes the most common health issue that people develop? are doctors up to date on medications and treatments for diabetes?

8.4. can you fix this ?

8.4.1. what are the most common cures for diabetes? if you are diagnosed with diabetes does it ever fully go away?

8.5. how many different types of diabetes are there ?

8.5.1. Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 and Type 4 which type of diabetes do more people experience?

8.6. which type is the worst ?

8.6.1. can diabetes get worse as you get older? can pregnant women get diabetes?

9. hiv/aids

9.1. what are all the ways you can get this ?

9.1.1. can it be genetic or do you only receive it from sexual contact? can it be prevented in any way?

9.2. is there a cure ?

9.2.1. if so, what is the most common cure? how many people have survived hiv/aids?

9.3. how many people have died from this ?

9.3.1. have hiv/aids increased over the years? have famous people passed from hiv/aids?

9.4. how does it effect the families ?

9.4.1. what are the best ways to prepare families for the outcomes of hiv/aids how have patients of hiv/aids told their families about their disease?

10. vaccinations

10.1. what do we not have vaccinations for ?

10.1.1. if you don't receive vaccinations can it become fatal? how many people receive vaccinations each year?

10.2. what is a vaccination ?

10.2.1. provides immunity to a particular disease? do they make vaccinations to prevent flus and other common illnesses?

10.3. how do they work ?

10.3.1. do you have to go to a specific doctor to get a vaccination? what are the different types of vaccinations?

10.4. are all vaccinations effective ?

10.4.1. do they work right away or does it take time to fix the disease? does it fully cure the issues?

10.5. can vaccines do more harm than good ?

10.5.1. are vaccinations known to make you sicker than you were before? Is it a law for some states to receive vaccinations?