IM Training Cohort Week 2

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IM Training Cohort Week 2 by Mind Map: IM Training Cohort Week 2

1. Content

1.1. Iteration Status Report

1.1.1. Powerpoint

1.1.2. Confluence

1.2. Metrics

1.2.1. Examples mean time to recovery time it takes to restore service happiness index flow efficiency discard rate lead time cycle time overtime hours release frequency change fail rate ...

1.2.2. Quality Trend Example from BT Claims

1.2.3. Improvement Scoreboard Key is the improvement goal the metric provides data on whether you are improving

1.2.4. LAMA

1.2.5. Quotes (to keep in perspective) "Every measure becomes a target" "When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure" - Goodhart's law "For every metric, there should be another 'paired metric' that addresses the negative consequences of the first metric" Andy Grove (heard during a talk by Mark Richards at Agile Australia).

1.3. Roadmaps

1.3.1. confluence manual calendar How To

1.4. Charts

1.4.1. Excel release burnup risk burndown

1.4.2. Jira Possibilities Agile Issue analysis Forecast & management Other CFG example CFG

1.5. Dashboard

1.5.1. Jira examples

1.5.2. Confluence

2. Admin

2.1. recurring timeslot

2.1.1. Tues 9:30-11am

2.1.2. last 4 weeks (from 3 Oct) we can do Tues 10-11:30am (Bris time) if you prefer?

2.2. next week we start showcases!

2.2.1. Jerome

2.2.2. Jon

2.2.3. 15 mins each

2.2.4. example questions you could answer (but not limited to) what did I experiment with in the last weeks and what did I learn? If you had a team focused Genie giving you 3 wishes, what would you wish for? what do I plan to achieve in the next 6 months (from IM perspective)?

2.3. room allocation

2.3.1. any desire for Syd, Melb, Auck rooms to be added?

2.4. there is nothing happening on week of 25th Sept

2.5. please add yourself as a watcher to this page (only half of you have...)


2.6. survey

2.6.1. initial one (22 responses) currently 5 uploaded -- all 22 uploaded by end of week

2.6.2. Agile Attitude Continuum still coming

2.7. community

2.7.1. buddying???