Define the Problem: Your friend/s ask you to sneak out to go to a party

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Define the Problem: Your friend/s ask you to sneak out to go to a party by Mind Map: Define the Problem: Your friend/s ask you to sneak out to go to a party

1. Decide and Act: Eventually, I decide that staying home is the best decision so I can stay committed to my prior responsibilities, and there is no chance of getting in trouble. Therefore, I will tell my friend that I'm not feeling so great, and it's for the best that I stay home that night. This way my friend won't think I don't want to hang out with him/her, and feelings won't get hurt.

1.1. English

1.1.1. Text book p. 55-60

1.1.2. Joseph Conrad "Heart of Darkness"

2. Evaluate the Results: Although I wasn't being completely truthful about why I couldn't go to the party, my friends' feelings didn't get hurt. Even though I missed out on spending time with my friends and having fun with them, I didn't want to do anything I wasn't allowed to do. Therefore, I think staying home was the best decision I could make.

2.1. Spanish

2.1.1. Midterm

3. Exploring Alternatives: 1.) I sneak out to the party with my friends and lie to my parents 2.) I go to the party but tell my parents I’m going 3.) Tell my friends I have prior commitments and I can’t go to the party 4.) Tell my friends I’m sick and can’t go to the party 5.) I sneak out to the party but only for a short amount of time so my parents won’t find out

3.1. Physics

3.1.1. Research and prepare experiment

4. Consider the Consequences: 1.) I’ll probably have a great time at the party, but there’s a big chance I’ll be caught, and will be punished for it (which will affect me in the future), and I will have to make up for the responsibilities I ditched (chores, hw) 2.) They will not let me go, they will let me go (small chance) 3.) My friends will try to persuade me to go, they will think that I’m lame, they’ll understand and go without me, or they will get angry with me because they’ll think I don’t want to spend time with them 4.) They will be disappointed that I’m not feeling well, they will convince me to go, or they will understand that I’m sick and go without me 5.) I will have to leave in the middle of the fun party and there’s still a chance my parents will find out. And if I go even for a short time, I’m still leaving my other commitments

5. Identify Your Values: I'd like to think that I'm a responsible person who is not a rule breaker. I think obeying rules set by my parents are important to follow, but I also think maintaining a good friendship and spending time with friends is important too.