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D.E.C.I.D.E by Mind Map: D.E.C.I.D.E

1. Scenario

1.1. "You borrow someone’s device (Smart Phone, Laptop etc) from a friend and accidentally break it."

2. Consequences

2.1. 1. My friend might forgive me or he might get angry.

2.2. 2. He won't notice it or if you get caught, the friendship might end.

2.3. 3. He might not notice it but your parents might get mad at you.

3. Define the Problem

3.1. If you lie to your friend that you didn't break it, you might risk a friendship. If you say that you broke it, you are being honest.

4. Explore the Alternatives

4.1. 1. Tell your friend that you broke his device.

4.2. 2. Lie that you didn't break it.

4.3. 3. Go to the store and fix the phone.

5. Identify your values

5.1. Friendships are very important which is included in my personal values. Therefore, I would be honest and tell my friend that I broke it. I would apologise that I am really sorry.

6. Decide and Act

6.1. 1. Tell my friend that I broke it.

6.2. 2. Apologise

6.3. 3. Tell parents first about it

6.4. 4. Pay for the fee

7. Evaluate the results

7.1. It worked for me because I think that being honest is the best. If you be honest, your friends will trust you and the friendship will continue.