DEFINE THE PROBLEM: friends ask you to sneak out to a party

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DEFINE THE PROBLEM: friends ask you to sneak out to a party by Mind Map: DEFINE THE PROBLEM: friends ask you to sneak out to a party

1. EXPLORE THE ALTERNATIVES: Go ask your parents if you can go, call you friend the whole time to keep you posted, tell them that your sick, do your hw.

2. CONSIDER THE CONSEQUENCES: If the kid sneaks out maybe he or she will get into trouble with the parents, or with the school. Something good could be that the kid might meet someone (partner?) and fall in love. Also, they'll be considered "non-nerdy" and social if they go to a party. But also if the police busted this party and you were below the drinking age it would go on your permanent record, some good colleges won't take you.

3. IDENTIFY YOUR VALUES: You may be a very religious person (eg. some religions don't let you drink or act out of order). You may be shamed by your family for drinking and disowned.

4. DECIDE AND ACT: Some people think that doing the wrong thing is better and others don't. The way you act is all up to you, do you want to sacrifice your freedom, be grounded for life, bad things could happen at the party. But it would of all been worth it because it was a fun night with your friends out partying. Then you decide you need to weigh your options and think, is this really the smart thing to do? How will my family, friends, teacher, etc. react if they found out? It's your choice whether you decide to do the good or bad thing, I can't make that decision for you.

5. EVALUATE THE DECISION: Because I'm not really doing this, I'm not really in this situation, I will imagine I am, and with my set of parents I honestly wouldn't sneak out to a party. Even though my religion doesn't specify whether I can drink underage, I have a Russian dad and he tends to get angry a lot, if I did something to make him mad, it would be pissed off x192948. It would depend on your beliefs, parents, consequences, etc. (what we have talked about).