Subgenres of a Drama

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Subgenres of a Drama by Mind Map: Subgenres of a Drama

1. Period

1.1. They usually focus on a specific time era which add to the plot, characters and mis-en-scene. They are usually based on a novel.

1.2. A good well-known example of a period drama would be Pride and Prejudice (2005).

2. Romantic

2.1. Romantic films often focus on the main elements of love.

2.2. A good example would be The Notebook (2004).

3. Crime

3.1. They usually follow a crime or a character involved in criminal activity. They tend to include law enforcement and the judicial system.

3.2. The Godfather (1972) would be a good example of a crime drama.

4. Melodrama

4.1. A good example of melodrama is Oliver Twist (1948).

4.2. Melodrama uses plots which usually endanger the character to effect the emotions of the audience. They often have a central female character which would entice female audiences. These films are sometimes also referred to as 'tearjerkers'.

5. Historical

5.1. These tend to focus on events that have happened in history and are often war films.

5.2. A good example of this would be Titanic (1997)

6. Comedy

6.1. These films would use an equal amount of comedy and serious content which keeps it in the drama genre.

6.2. A good example of this would be Forest Gump (1994).