Good creative writing

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Good creative writing by Mind Map: Good creative writing

1. Be Creative!

2. Does not disappoint the reader!

2.1. When you read it through and it doesn't sound satisfying, it probably will disappoint others :3

2.2. The reader should be able to understand the piece

3. Plot.

3.1. logical

3.2. Is interesting and doesn't bore the reader

3.2.1. Problems

3.2.2. conflict

3.3. Has thoughts and ideas that are developed

3.4. clear

3.5. Maybe a twist or an unexpected development in the plot

3.5.1. Does not confuse the reader either.

3.6. STICK TO THE STORY. Don't add some unknown person to it if it doesn't make sense, no matter how funny it may be

4. Let the reader guess

4.1. deeper meanings

4.2. show don't tell

4.3. give a message

4.4. suspense

5. Atmosphere

5.1. Description

6. Interesting characters

6.1. Description

6.2. Emotion

6.2.1. Suffering schadenfreunde

7. Style

7.1. Language

7.1.1. Verbs Interesting and useful words in describing actions and movements.

7.1.2. Repetition Be sure to notice them! Don't use the same word over and over again.

7.1.3. Uses more complex vocab

7.1.4. Does not change the tense either!

7.1.5. uses rich words to sound professional!

7.2. Pace

7.2.1. Dynamic If you want it to be dynamic, it has to SOUND dynamic

7.3. Structure

7.3.1. Has a start, middle and end should end with a dramatic sentence

8. Possible but not essential

8.1. Perspective

8.1.1. write in different perspective, so the whole thing will be more interesting!

8.1.2. dont change around perspectives too much

9. Good description

9.1. Interesting language

9.2. Techniques

9.2.1. Metaphor

9.2.2. Simile

9.2.3. Personification