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Hinduism by Mind Map: Hinduism

1. Sacred Texts

1.1. Falls into one of two categories: Shruti (communicated from the beginning of Hinduism) and Smriti (based upon memory)

1.1.1. The Smruti category contains their manuals of philosophy, epics, mythology, laws, and Sectarian Scriptures

1.1.2. Shruti contains the Veda scriptures: Poems, rituals, hymns, and prayers Focused on life in Indian civilizations, served many religious purposes like ritual sacrifices

1.1.3. Upanishads: Sacred text on inner meaning of sacrifices and the idea of the Brahman- realitly of infusing all things

2. Political Impact

2.1. Came up with name, religious text name, and leaders titles due to the British questoins.

2.2. Religious Indians wanted equality, used religious movements to express their frustration.

2.3. Bharatiya Janata Party saw Hinduism in danger in the 1980s.

3. Core Beliefs of the Faith

3.1. Brahman- the World Soul

3.1.1. Goal of humankind was to achieve a union with Brahman known as Moksha or liberation

3.2. Samsara- rebirth

3.2.1. How they achieved Moksha

3.2.2. Over many lifetimes, Karma would place you in a caste system based on one's actions

4. HInduism

4.1. Arti: 5 flamed lamp representing the 5 senses used in daily worship as a welcoming ceremony

5. Social Impact

5.1. Women were short of value

5.1.1. Weren't allowed to hear readings of the wedas

5.1.2. A women's status depended on her relation to a man (father, husband, anf/or son).

5.1.3. Most female goddesses were devoted wives, giving a role model to women. Little independant goddesses.

5.2. Most female gods were devoted wives, gave woman a model. Very little independant female gods.

5.3. Sexual pleasure was promoted when married.

5.4. Much like early civilizations, a social hierarchy was created by religious status.

5.5. The third most common religion.

6. Origin and Founder

6.1. Founded in 2000 B.C.E.

6.1.1. Has changed over many years

6.2. Had many different eras of the religion, where is changed and grew

6.2.1. Indus Valley Civilizations Had many goddesses of fertility and thought water was purifying

6.2.2. The Vedas Came from nomadic warriors called the Aryans Had many sacrifices, fire had many religious symbolic qualities, worshipped male gods called devas

6.2.3. Epic/Classic Hinduism Religious texts got expanded and more poetry Main gods and goddess are established and given more details through stories and myths

6.3. Has no official founder

7. Spreading of Hinduism

7.1. Overall began in India

7.1.1. How it spread It spread through trade First it spread to Southeast Asia Now the religion is all over the world

7.1.2. Spread of Hinduism

8. God of Fortune

8.1. Elephant god of fortune. This includes Karma, which is a large part of Hinduism.