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Ohio by Mind Map: Ohio

1. Neil Armstrong

1.1. First man on the moon in 1969

1.2. He died in Cincinnati in 2012

1.3. He was born in Wapakoneta in Ohio in 1930

2. Ohio is about two times bigger than Denmark

3. the size

3.1. Denmark is about 43.000 km2

3.2. Ohio is about 116.000 km2

4. population in Ohio 82% white 12% black and 6% others

5. Ohio

6. there live about 11 mil people in Ohio

7. three popular things to do in Ohio

7.1. franklin park conservatory

7.2. fountain square

7.3. clevleland museum of art

8. Ohio's governor is John Kasich

8.1. He is a republican - Like Trump

9. Facts

9.1. Ohio have a profetional baseball team (Cinci Reds)

9.2. Ohio was the first state in Amercia to install a Traffic ligth (1914)

9.3. Ohio was home to seven presidents and Neil Armstrong, Wrigth brothers and Thomas Edison

9.4. Ohio has the biggest university in America (60.000 students)

10. Columbus is the capital of Ohio

11. important historic events

11.1. Ohio was the 17th state in the U.S.A in 1803

11.2. Americas first hotdog was from Ohio (1900)