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Heathcliff by Mind Map: Heathcliff

1. Appearance

1.1. Child

1.1.1. Dirty, black-haired boy

1.2. Adult

1.2.1. Tall athletic man,his features were keen and intelligent. Dark fire burning deep in his eyes

2. Character

2.1. Child

2.1.1. He was cool and calm, childish, troublemaker

2.2. Adult

2.2.1. revengeful, heartless

3. Actions

3.1. Child

3.1.1. He had been adopted by Earnshaw family

3.1.2. After the Mr Earnshaw's death, he lived as a servant

3.1.3. He was very attached to Catherine

3.2. Adult

3.2.1. Became the owner of Earnshaw house (Wuthering Heights) and Thrushcross Grange

3.2.2. After Catherines marriage, Heathcliff had married Isabella.

3.2.3. In order to get revenge, he used his weak son