Mo'Ney Nunn's Mind Map For Grade 10

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Mo'Ney Nunn's Mind Map For Grade 10 by Mind Map: Mo'Ney  Nunn's Mind Map For Grade 10

1. Standard 4: Process And Features

1.1. My artifacts:

1.2. My artifact:

1.3. (10.4.9) Using a computer to design, and publish documents by using software.

1.4. (10.4.10) Write a story edit,proofread, revise, evaluate, and review.

1.5. Students Progress through stages of the writing process (pre-writing,writing,editing, and revising.)

2. Standard 3: Comprehension And Analysis Of Literary Text

2.1. My artifact:

2.2. My artifact:

2.3. (10.3.1) Look at the interactions the characters make with each other.

2.4. (10.3.3) Examine the characteristic of different texts.

2.5. (10.3.4) Look at the traits of character based on dialogged

2.6. Students read-respond to grade level significant works of lituare like historical fiction,fantasy, science fiction, and short stories.

3. Standard 2: Comprehension And Analysis Of Nonfiction and Informational Text

3.1. My artifact:

3.2. My artifact:

3.3. (10.2.1) Analyze the structure and format of various informational documents and explain how to use the features to achieve purpose.

3.4. (10.2.4) Evaluate an author's agreement or defense of a claim by examining by the relationship between generational.

3.5. (10.2.5) Make reasonable statements and draw conclusions about a text, supporting them with accurate examples.

3.6. To read non-fiction, biogrphies,autobiographies,books indifferent subjects,essays, speeches, magazines, and newspaper to get a grade level.

4. Standard 1: Vocabulary And Concept Development

4.1. (10.1.1) Understand Technical vocabulary in the subject area reading.

4.2. (10.1.2) Distinguish between what words mean literally and what they imply, and interpret what words imply.

4.3. (10.1.4) Identify and use the literal and figurative meaning of words and understanding origins of words.

4.4. With this standard my class and I had to learn new terms and find the definitions to the vocabulary word. After that Understand what are you reading.

4.5. My artifact:

4.6. My artifact: