Types of System Software

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Types of System Software by Mind Map: Types of System Software

1. Operating System

1.1. An operating system is a set of programs containing instructions that work together to coordinate all the activities among computer resources

1.2. Types of OS:

1.2.1. - Stand-alone Operating System A complete operating sytem that works on a desktop computer, notebook computer or mobile computing device Proprietary software: Windows Mac OS X Open source software: Unix Linux Ubuntu

1.2.2. - Server Operating System Is designed to support a network Proprietary software: Windows Server 2008 Netware Open source software: Unix Linux Solaris

1.2.3. - Mobile Operating System Resides on a ROM chip on a mobile device or consumer electronic device Proprietary software: Windows Phone 7 iPhone OS BlackBerry Open source software: Google Android Embedded Linux Symbian OS

2. Utility Program

2.1. A type of system software that allows a user to perform maintenance-type task

2.2. Types of utility program:

2.2.1. - File Manager To provide routine file management tasks

2.2.2. - Disk Cleanup Searches and removes unnecessary files

2.2.3. - Compression Tools To shrink the size of a file

2.2.4. - Anti-Virus Program To protect a computer against viruses by identifying and removing any computer viruses found in memory, on storage media or incoming files

2.2.5. - Spyware Remover To detect and delete spyware

2.2.6. - Disk Defragmenter To reorganize the files and unused space on computer hard disk so that the OS accesses data more quickly and programs run faster

2.2.7. - Backup and Restore A backup utility allows users to copy files to another storage medium in case of damage or lost A restore utility reverses the process and returns backed up files to their original form