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Adv. World History II by Mind Map: Adv.
History II
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Adv. World History II

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...


Temperance Movement: begun 1900

1905: three states made alcohol illegal

1912: 9 states made alcohol illegal

1916: 26 out of the 48 states made alcohol illegal


Right to vote


Red Scare

Fear of Communists, Anarchists

Renewed isolation

Strict immigration laws, "undesirables"


Great Migrations

African Americans came from the South to the northern cities for jobs

Harlem Renaissance

increased population 14k-200k

Jazz age, youth movement; flappers


18th: alcohol is made illegal

19th: women can vote

Stock Market Crashed

Oct. 29th, 1929 the stock market crashes

Leads America and the rest of the world in Great Depression, Great Depression begins

The Great Depression

1930: Severe drought and dust bowl ruins Farmer's crops

1932: Congress established the Reconstruction Finance Corporation to lend $2 billion to banks, insurance companies, etc. to help organizations and farmers.

Stocks reach their lowest point

1933: President FDR took office

Unemployment level reaches 25%

The Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) : young men to work in federal and state parks

National Recovery Administration (NRA) behun

The Civil Works Administration (CWA) gave 4 million people jobs

1935: The Work Projects Administration (WPA) employed over 8.4 million people across the country

1936: FDR elected as president for second term

1940: FDR elected as president for third

1941: Great Depression Ended, WWII begun

World War II


German troops break Treaty of Versallie

Kristallnacht in Germany -> 1936 "No Jews", No Jews in Parliment


Turkey Allies with France & Britian

Nazi Soviet pact agrees to partition Poland

Germany occupies Czech, annexes Lithuania

Italy invades Albania, fascist

Germany invades Poland

Britain & France declare war

Russia invades Poland & Finland, encounter strong resistance


Winston Churchill becomes British Prime Minister - replaced Neveille Chamberlain

Italy declares war on France and Britain

Germany bombing campaign leads to Battle of British "Blitz".

Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia join USSR


Hideki Tojo becomes Prime Minister of Japan

Japanese surprise U.S by attacking Peal Harbor

Japanese forces invade Philippines

Germans invade USSR occupy Ukraine

Germany and U.S declare war on U.S

U.S gov't pass Lend-Lead Act

U.S declare war on Japan

Manhattan Project builds atomic bombs


U.S defeats Japan Mid-turn

U.S aircraft makes a bombing on Tokyo

Japanese-Americans go to camps; untrusted


Britain and U.S agree wit USSR to open second front against Germany, Tehran Meeting


Jews in Warsaw ghetto attempt to upraise against Germans


U.S starts bombing campaign on Japan

Operation Overlord: Allied forces under General Eisenhower -> Break through German Lines Atlantic Walls

FDR elected fourth term


U.S drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan surrenders

Hitler commits suicide

Civil Rights Movement

Harlem Renaissance

Cultural movement of the 1920's and early 1930's, Great Migration

Education and employment opportunities followed WWI - African Middle Class

Music, Jazz and Blues, Bessie Smith, Duke Ellington, Fats Waller

NAACP and National Urban League shifted their focus to economic and social issues

Tensions between whites and African Americans, Riots broke out in 1935


Political, legal, and social struggle for full citizenship

Challenge to segregation laws and customs

Organizations and Individuals, boycotts, protest marches, refusal to abide segregation laws

Jim Crow Laws

"For Whites Only"/"Colored", Schools, transportation, restaurants were separated

Disenfranchisement, 1890-1910

15th Amendment, Everyone has equal rights

Northern states weren't as bad as Southern states, 10% of African Americans lived up North

School Desegregation, 1954 Warren Court landmark ruling in Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka, 1955 whites opposed to desegregation

Montgomery Bus Boycott, 1955 Rosa Parks was arrested because she wouldn't give up her seat for a white man, MLK Jr., President of Montgomery Improvement Association directer the boycott, Attracted people from inside and outside of South, Blacks boycotted to take transportaion


Blacks were sitting at a "Whites Only" lunch counters, they were kicked out

By 1963 JFK proposed Civil Rights legislation

March of Washington

MLK Jr's "I have a Dream Speech", At Lincoln Memorial

Johnson pushed Civil Rghts Act of 1964

MLK Jr. was shot in 1968 ending the Civil Rights Movement

Vietnam War


Ngo Dinh Diem refuses elections

China and USSR pledge more money to Hanoi

Diem urges to negotiate with Hanoi, defeats Bao Dai


French leave Vietnam

US MAAG, trains South Vietnam


Communist insurgency, moves into South Vietnam

Guerrilla warfare begins

Terrorists bomb Saigon, Americans wounded


VN/ Cambodia boarder, Ho Chi Minh Trail was built

Diem cracks down on dissents


JPK was elected


JFK asked to help South Vietnam, equipped over 3,000


Operation Chopper

Operation Ranch-hand, Nixon


JFK gets shot, LBJ takes over

Diem was overthrown, then murdered


Operation "Rolling Thunder", More Will Power

CORE, 8x more drafted


Operation "Cedar Falls, Take down military Vietcing

Secretary of Defense McNamara, Bombing infectual


Tet Offensive, Attacked from tunels

My Lai Massacre, Raped and killed people

LBJ was shot and killed

Nixon was elected


Secret bombing of Cambodia


Shinanouk ousted form Cambodia


Nixon, Visits China, Watergate, Is re-elected

Ho Chi Minh died


Nixon resigns


Last Americans evacuate

Fall of Saigon

Ford says "Vietnam war is finished"

Korean War


Harry S. Truman, President of U.S

Syngman Rhee, South Korea

Kim Il Sung, North Korea


1945 Allies divided Korea into two zones

The Koreans

Republic of Korea in South, Got help from the Americans

North Korea -> Communist, Got support and supplies by USSR and China

U.S help South Korea

Helped build army

Douglas MacArthur, Began to help supply South Korea, Trained army, Fired April 11th, 1951, Led attack on 1950 to recapture Seoul

38th Parallel

Split North and South Korea

Truce July 27th, 1953

Cold War


Russia, Stalin, Nikita Khruschev

U.K, Churchhill

U.S.A, Truman, Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, Eisenhower, Domino Theory, Atoms for Peace 1953, JFK, Cuban Missile Crisis, Stand off between U.S and Russia on Cuban Soil, Agreed to get rid of missiles in Turkey so Russia would stop the construction of nukes in Cuba, Bay of Pigs, CIA tired to over throw Castro, but failed ):, Vietnam, Reagan, Berlin Wall, Taken down 1989, Nixon, Watergate, Carter, Focused on Human Rights

China, Mao Zedong, 1949: Takes over China

Cuba, Castro, 1959: Takes over Cube, 1961: Goes communists, allies with USSR

Iron Curtain

Separated west and east Europe

Dominated by USSR

East was Communist

Berlin Airlift

Russia blocked East from West Berlin

U.S, U.K, and France airlifted supplies

11 month


Collective defense from communist nations

Second Red Scare

Joseph McCarthy thought it would be funny to mes with the U.S talking about communist spreading in the nation

Space Race

Russia had the first man in Space, Sputnik, 1957

America, "Man on the moon", Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin

Soviet Union dissolves


Israel and Palestine


Palestine, Arabs lived in the area of Israel for 2000 years were forced to move, Palestinians were forced to live in camps, Jerusalem is the holy land


Palestinians became refugees around world

Terrorism is a constant threat in Israel

Israel puts a wall around Palestine's areas to prevent terrosism


1947: Creation of Israel, Jewish State = Israel, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria = >:(

1956: The Sues Crises

1967: Six Day War

1973: Yom Kippu War, Arabic attack on Jewish holiday