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Dermatology by Mind Map: Dermatology

1. Acne

1.1. comedones and/or papules, pustules, cysts

1.1.1. skin extremely oily; large superficial pimples, rosacea Sulphur

1.1.2. boils in crops, pimples you want to pop; painful hepar sulph

1.1.3. shame about the appearance; pustules w/ sunken centers thuja

1.1.4. Purplish? Purplish around pimples, purple scars w/o pitting < before menses Lachesis

1.1.5. Pussy? diffuse, on checks, hard deep pimples, pussy, pitting silica persisting for weeks; thick creamy pus, lower face calc-sulph

1.1.6. bluish-red? pus showing through skin OR blue-red nodules w/o pus Mercurius Large bluish-red; burning/ prickling sensation; depressed scars, never on lower face Kali-bromium

1.2. DDX: Pseudofolliculitis barbae, hydradenitis suppurtiva, rosacea, systemic lupus erythmatosis

2. Psoriasis

2.1. well-demarcated plaques and papules, silvery scale; pinpoint bleeds when scale removed (auspitz sign); accompanied by pitting of the nails

2.1.1. likes cold psoriasis with pleasurable itching; < night, becoming heated, when suppressed Sulphur

2.1.2. likes heat burns on scratching, > warmth Arsenicum psoriasis w/ deep bleeds and cracks; feels cold in the raw spot, < winter, cold Petroleum psoriasis located on genetalia or around anus; not itching - unless severe itching; < winter; menses Sepia

2.1.3. psoriaris located at folds or along old scars, cracked & oozes a thick serum Graphites

2.2. DDX: • Contact dermatitis. • Atopic dermatitis. • Tinea. • Candidiasis. • Mycosis fungoides. • Cutaneous systemic lupus erythematosus. • Secondary and tertiary syphilis. • Drug eruption. • Seborrheic dermatitis. • Pityriasis rosea. • Lichen planus.

3. Urticaria

3.1. edematous, pruritic pink wheals of variable size and shape, fast onset

3.1.1. likes heat very large patches w/ prickling itching; <getting wet, cold, rubbing, > during sweating, scalding water Rhus-Tox

3.1.2. likes cold swelling < becoming overheated Apis stinging, violent itching & constant rubbing, > heat, < rubbing Urtica urens

3.1.3. recurrent or chronic urticaria, < emotional stress, rubbing Nat Mur

3.2. DDX: • Erythema multiforme • Drug eruptions • Still’s disease • Insect bites

4. Eczema

4.1. Erythema, vessicles, scaling, excoriation, crusts, pruritis; chronic forms lead to lichenification

4.1.1. Eczema located at folds in the skin; deep cracks and honey d/c; < at night Graphites

4.1.2. likes cold Eczema on hands/feet only; geometric pattern; > cold air (though they are cold) Mezereum Red hot eczema; < heated, bathing or with suppression; > cold Sulphur

4.1.3. likes heat Dry painful eczema at corners and skin folds; feels cold in raw spot < winter, cold Petroleum Very dry eczema, > heat & warm bathing Arsenicum Eczema with significant despair and depression about their condition, located at folds in skin; > warmth Psorinum

4.2. DDX: contact dermatitis, scabies, seborrheic dermatitis, tinea infection

5. Herpes Simplex

5.1. grouped vessicles of uniform size, erythemetous base, may be preceded by tingling

5.1.1. oral herpes w/ chapped raw skin, < menstrual cycle Sepia comes on with emotila sress; < sun exposure Nat- mur itchy angry lesions > hot bathing Rhus Tox

5.1.2. genetal herpes coldness in spot after scratching Petroleum < during menses: < during urination sepia painful reminder of lost/betrayed relationship; w/ albuminous leukorrhea Nat-mur w/ small ulcers, discharge. stitching/splinter like sensation Nitric acid

5.1.3. pain extends down back of the thigh; > warm applications Arsenicum

5.2. DDX: Varicella and herpes zoster (shingles) Pemphigus vulgaris (autoimmune blistering disease) Impetigo Apthous ulcers (cancker sores) Herpangina Chancroid (Haemophilus ducreyi STI) Syphilis

6. Impetego

6.1. honey coloured crusts and erosions; located where skin is open; bacterial infection

6.1.1. worse with heat < night; heat in bed Graphities chronic or acute, < heat and bathing, > open air Antimonium crude

6.1.2. oily or sweaty; yellow green crusts; neglected wounds & poor hygeine sulphur

6.1.3. sore itchy; pustules unite in a greenish crust Mercurius

6.2. DDX: varicella, tinea, herpes simplex, dermatitis, discoid lupus, scabies